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2018 Argentina world cup primary list of 35 announced: Messi Aguero leads

In the early morning of May 15, Argentina coach sampoli announced the world cup primary list of 35 players, led by Messi Aguero, and Mascherano, who plays in China Super League, was listed.

The primary list basically includes Argentina's elite players, including dibala, Perotti, Messi, Aguero, Higuain, Martinez and icardi.

According to the Argentine Football Association, sampoli will announce the final list of 23 players for the 2018 World Cup next Monday, which means that 12 names will be deleted from the list.

Attachment: primary list of 35 players in Argentina's World Cup

Goalkeepers: Romero (Manchester United), Caballero (Chelsea), Guzman (Mexican tiger), Armani (river bed)

Defenders: Mercado (Sevilla), salvio (Benfica), Mascherano (Hebei Huaxia happiness), Otamendi (Manchester City), pezela (Florence), Faccio (Rome), Rojo (Manchester United), Funes mori (Everton), tagliafico (Ajax), acuna (Portugal sports), ansardi (Turin)

Midfield: lancini (West Ham), SENTURION (Argentina), Mezza (independence), biglia (Milan), Enzo Perez (river bed), Pizarro (Sevilla), barnega (Sevilla), rousselso (Paris Saint Germain), Paredes (Zenit), bataglia (Portugal sports), DiMaria (Paris Saint Germain), PAVONI (Boca youth), Bavaria Bro Perez (Boca youth)

Forwards: dibala (Juventus), Perotti (Rome), Messi (Barcelona), Aguero (Manchester City), Higuain (Juventus), Martinez (Argentina), icardi (inter)