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Argentina's World Cup 2018 showcasing Messi Aguero

Four seas: in the middle of this month, Argentina will announce the world cup list. In the early hours of this morning, ESPN television revealed that sampoli has identified 20 people in the 23 person list, and only three places are to be determined. There is no inter center icardi in the 20 man list or the pending list.

Argentina's World Cup 2018 showcasing Messi Aguero

In this 20 person list, Messi, Mascherano, Otamendi, DiMaria and other core players are all selected. Aguero and biglia, who are currently injured, will also be called up. Aguero is recovering from a knee injury and biglia returned to training yesterday.

Here is a list of 35 people's congresses:

Goalkeepers: Romero (Manchester United), Caballero (Chelsea), gusman (Mexican tiger), Franco Armani (river bed).

Defenders: melcardo (Sevilla), salvio (Benfica), Mascherano (Hebei Huaxia happiness), Otamendi (Manchester City), pesalia (Florence), Fasio (Rome), Rojo (Manchester United), Maurice (Everton), taliafico (Ajax), acunia (Portugal sports), ansardi (Turin).

Midfield: lancini (West Ham), SENTURION (athletics), mesa (independence), biglia (AC Milan), Pizarro (Sevilla), Enzo Perez (river bed), barnega (Sevilla), rousselso (Paris Saint Germain), Paredes (Zenit), batalia (Portugal sports), DiMaria (Paris Saint Germain) Parvin (Boca youth), Pablo Perez (Boca youth).

Forwards: Debra (Juventus), Perotti (Rome), Messi (Barcelona), Aguero (Manchester City), Higuain (Juventus), lautaro Martinez (athletics), icardi (Inter Milan).