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How to make potato flour? Is potato flour fattening one of the favorite meals for many girls is potato flour in casserole. A bag of potato flour in hot pot also tastes good. Potato flour tastes nutritious and delicious. It is made of potato flavored raw materials. It has high nutritional value. How can potato flour be made delicious at home? Let's have a look!

How to make potato flour at home

Hot and sour potato flour is a simple family meal, which is our young people's favorite food. But it's not so easy to have a hot and sour appetizer. Today, I'll share a family version of hot and sour potato powder with simple ingredients. Let's learn together

Ingredients: 180g potato powder, coriander, shallot, chili noodles, soy sauce, vinegar, peanut, garlic, rape

Production steps: 1. Heat the oil in the pot and fry the peanuts for later use

2. Blanch the potato flour and rape in the boiling water pot, and remove them for later use

3. Put the oil in the pot, put the chopped green onion into the pot, add some chili noodles, add a teaspoon of spicy sauce, stir fry, add some delicious soy sauce, add the bone scalding, if not, add water.

4. Then bring the pot to a boil, add some chicken essence, pepper and salt to mix the taste, then put a little sesame paste, and stir until it is well cooked

5. Put the potato flour into the pot and boil it. Then put the fried peanuts into the pot. Before leaving the pot, add some rice vinegar. Then turn off the heat and start the pot.

6. When you are out of the pot, add the garlic to the top, and then pour a little homemade chili oil on it

Tip: the powder can't be cooked too soft, just cooked. Too soft to eat

Will potato flour get fat after eating

Eating potato flour won't make you fat. Eating potato flour not only won't make you fat, but also can help you lose weight. In many people's eyes, potato flour has a lot of starch. In fact, this is not the case. Scientists have found that potato flour does not contain much starch, even less starch than the flour and rice we often eat. In addition, potato flour also contains a lot of water and dietary fiber, so once people eat it, it is easy to feel full. So eating potato flour can help us lose weight.

Can pregnant women eat potato powder

It is no problem to eat some potato flour properly during pregnancy, and potato flour is easier to digest than potatoes used for cooking. Potato flour also contains a nutrient called chondroitin, which can greatly enhance the activity of bone cells, and has the health care effects of bone marrow, blood, longevity, beauty, spleen, stomach and memory.

But at present, there are some illegal businessmen in the market, adding industrial alum into potato flour to facilitate processing or increase palatability. Potato flour mixed with industrial alum is full of sinew, but it is also full of harm. The chemical component of alum is aluminum potassium sulfate, which contains aluminum ions. The excessive intake of aluminum ions will affect the absorption of iron, calcium and other components, lead to osteoporosis, anemia, and even affect the development of nerve cells, causing Alzheimer's disease, memory loss, mental decline and other symptoms.