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How can tomatoes be preserved for a long time

In summer, my favorite vegetables are nothing more than cucumbers and tomatoes. Whether it's raw or fried, it's delicious. Then we usually buy fresh vegetables and fruits home, we will put them in the refrigerator to keep fresh, so we can put them for a long time. Can tomatoes be kept fresh in the refrigerator? I don't think many people know. See below for more information.

Can tomatoes be kept fresh in the refrigerator

The function of refrigerator is to keep fresh, but you should know that not all food can be kept fresh when put into refrigerator, tomato is one of them. If the tomato is placed in the refrigerator for a few days, its surface will appear black spots, the meat will be blister like or spallation phenomenon, that kind of soft rotten appearance, there is no appetite at first sight. This kind of tomato not only has no fresh taste and poor taste, but also loses its nutritional value. This kind of tomato can not be eaten, which will cause serious bacterial food poisoning.

The reason why tomatoes are easy to deteriorate in the refrigerator is that the internal cells of tomatoes are relatively loose, and the cell wall is very thin, which contains more free water. Putting tomatoes in the refrigerator is easy to freeze and expand the cells, which leads to cell breakage and deterioration.

How to keep tomatoes for a long time

The tomatoes in the refrigerator are not only easy to go bad, but also hard to cook. When cooking, they will have that kind of raw feeling, which affects the taste.

Usually, if it is a short time storage can be placed in a ventilated, cool place, if you want to put a little longer, you can do so.

Try to choose the kind of six or seven mature, not fully mature, and then put it in a plastic food bag, put it in a cool place to seal. Then open the bag mouth once a day for ventilation. If there is water vapor in the plastic bag, wipe it off with a dry cloth and seal it again. In this way, tomatoes can be kept fresh for about a month.

Tomato and egg pimple soup

Tomato and egg soup is not uncommon, but tomato and egg pimple soup, few people think. It's delicious and easy to make. It's good for digestion and brain. It can be made into soup, or it can be made into staple food when you're lazy.


1. Peel and peel the tomatoes: it's easy to remove the tomatoes after boiling or baking on the fire, and then cut them into cubes; put a little vegetable oil in the frying pan and heat it, and then put the diced tomatoes and the scallion into it

2. Stir fry the tomatoes to make the juice

3. Put in 2 bowls of water and boil

4. When it is ready to boil, put 100g flour into a large bowl, then put about 40g to 50g clear water and mix well, then put in egg white and mix well to make a nearly non flowing batter

5. Put the yolk into another container for use. If you can't master it well, you can slowly add dry flour into the batter when it's thin

6. After the soup in the pot is boiled, pour the batter into the eye-shaped leaky spoon, press the batter on the back of the spoon and drop it into the soup. If you like the soup with bigger lumps, you can buy the one with bigger holes

7. Drop all pimples into the soup, season with salt and pepper, and boil

8. Then put the yolk into a few drops of clear water and mix well. While stirring, pour the yolk into the boiling pot in a circle. The egg liquid becomes a small particle

9. Then put in the chopped green onion and coriander, turn off the heat, put in a little sesame oil and mix well