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When will Xiaomi 7 go on the market? How much is Xiaomi 7

It is understood that Xiaomi 7 will go on sale on this month 27, and everyone knows that Xiaomi 8 will go on sale this year, so it's really good to have two mobile phones on sale at the same time? Which one would you choose?

Xiaomi will release two customized versions of Xiaomi 7 and Xiaomi 8 at the same time this year. The latter is called Xiaomi 8 for short. Rice noodles place more expectations on Xiaomi 8.

It is said that Xiaomi 8 will adopt the top-level configuration at present, which can be called a dream. On the contrary, Xiaomi 7 sets off nothing. In fact, Xiaomi 7 is equally important.

Some time ago, Lei Jun admitted that Xiaomi 7 has off screen fingerprints, which is limited to cost. The ordinary version of Xiaomi 7 will certainly not be carried, and the top version is more likely to carry off screen fingerprints.

Xiaomi 7 is still the cheapest Xiaolong 845 mobile phone, still the most popular mobile phone.

Price is everything.

If you want more requirements, you can only choose Xiaomi 8. In addition to the higher configuration, Xiaomi 8 is equipped with 3D structured light. According to Xiaomi's supply chain personnel, Xiaomi's 3D structured light is closer to the face ID of iPhone x, more mature than oppo's 3D structured light, faster and more accurate recognition, and also has the strength of mass production.

However, the screen unlocking of Android system cannot be compared with that of apple, and fingerprint recognition still needs to be matched. Xiaomi 8 may adopt one of two schemes, namely 3D structured light and post fingerprint or 3D structured light and off screen fingerprint.

The key is that 100 millet 8 will be delivered?

Do you think Xiaomi will fulfill his promise?