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Purchase air conditioning one square meter needs cooling capacity, and the most appropriate choice d

Sihai network: air conditioning is essential for everyone in the hot summer, but how to choose when choosing air conditioning? How much cooling capacity does one square meter need? How to choose a suitable air conditioning? Let's take a look.

How much cooling capacity does one square meter need

If it is a household air conditioner, the air conditioner can be selected according to the room area, building height, orientation, building floor, insulation and other factors. Generally, the cooling capacity is 130-180w per square meter. The heating capacity is about 10% more than the cooling capacity, and the cooling capacity per square meter is 150-200w.

Calculation of cooling capacity required in public places

The cooling capacity of air-conditioning in public places is different from that in home use. For public places, there is a large amount of cooling capacity, because the crowd is relatively concentrated and the insulation is not very good, so a large amount of cooling capacity is needed. Generally, offices are selected according to the cooling capacity of 205-300w per square meter, and other public places such as supermarkets and stores need the cooling capacity of 300-400w per square meter.