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How to slim the thigh

How to slim the thigh in summer, many girls like to wear shorts or skirts to show their figure. However, for some girls with thick legs, it is undoubtedly a blow. Obviously, they are not fat, but they have an elephant leg. How can they lose weight with thick thighs? Let's have a look.

How does thigh root thick lose weight?

1. Light diet

The heavy taste diet, such as excessive oil and salty food, is easy to make the body circulation worse. If there is no way to achieve normal metabolism, it is easy to cause leg edema. Therefore, improving diet is an important step to have a good leg.

2. More water intake

Many people will think that edema is just drinking too much water, so they dare not ingest it. But in fact, water is not the cause of edema. We should drink it according to the basic daily intake, strengthen the basic metabolism of the body, and then discharge the old waste materials.

3. Strengthen leg massage

Massage can help strengthen leg circulation. It can be combined with special leg massage and maintenance. Massage every day. The basic way of massage is to divide the leg into two areas. Use both hands to encircle the leg, from the ankle to the knee, from the bottom to the top, and then from the knee to the root of the thigh. The same way of pushing can help blood circulation.

4. Do more leg lifting

After the massage, if you think it's not enough, it's suggested to match the leg lifting action. You can lie on the bed, lift the leg up, and put it on the wall. As long as the leg is higher than the heart, lift it for about 10 minutes to strengthen the blood circulation.

5. Matching of varicose socks

For long-term standing work such as cabinet elder sister, teacher and service industry, leg swelling and discomfort are often felt, which can be relieved by matching with varicose socks or pressure pants. However, it is recommended to select the appropriate compression grade single products according to the doctor's advice, and never wear them in order to thin legs.

6. Leg Maintenance Cooperation

When doing leg massage, it is easy to pull the skin directly, resulting in injury. In addition to using body milk as lubrication and nourishment, if you want to improve the efficiency of slimming, you can use special leg maintenance. Among them, the single product containing caffeine and ginger root extract can help eliminate edema and make the slimming plan more effective with less effort.

The reason of the flesh of thigh root

1. Evolutionary factors

According to research from the University of Texas, women are born with a hard time subtracting hips and thighs. Because from an evolutionary point of view, the fat in the hips and thighs is to provide the energy needed for breastfeeding, or to prepare for the famine that may occur during pregnancy. In this regard, I just want to say that the body function prevention mechanism is really perfect!

2. Estrogen disorder

As a woman, estrogen can not only let you exude personal charm, but also put you behind your back. For example, if you've ever had a meal of hunger, fullness, taking weight-loss drugs in disorder, or accidental pregnancy, etc., it will cause estrogen secretion disorder. Once estrogen is secreted in disorder, it causes fat to build up in the abdomen and thighs, and then get fatter and fatter.

3. Two long legs

If you habitually sit with your legs on stilts for a whole day, it will block the blood and lymph circulation of your legs, resulting in swelling of your lower body. If you don't take good care of the edema, such as massage, the veins of the lower limbs will gradually protrude, seriously affecting the circulation of the lower body, resulting in the thickening of the fat and the rigidity of the muscles.

4. It's too tight

Many girls like to wear tight jeans, corset underwear and other tight clothing, so that they look thin, or even think that the leaner the thinner. In fact, you are wrong. Too tight clothing will hinder the normal movement of the legs and the blood circulation of the waist and legs. Short skirts will cool the legs and also affect the blood circulation, resulting in fat accumulation.

5. Wrong walking posture

The most used part in life is the legs. Think of your legs everywhere. If your walking posture is not correct, it will definitely affect your leg shape.

6. Can't afford to sit for a long time

Many office workers sit in chairs all day long. It's hard to keep their lower body fat. When sitting, the 'groin' (i.e. the groin, the groove at the junction of the abdomen and legs) is compressed, resulting in blocked blood flow and lymph circulation. However, the obstruction of blood flow and lymph circulation is not only easy to cause edema, but also easy to cause the waste in the body unable to decompose, so that fat and water accumulate to form orange peel tissue.

7. Long term cold in legs

People are used to turning on indoor warm air in low temperature. However, according to the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, the density of indoor air masses will be correspondingly smaller (lighter) after being heated and expanded, so the heating air masses will continuously jump up, and only the air masses with larger (heavier) density are left at people's feet. If we don't pay attention to it, the lower body will suffer from cold in the long run, and the blood circulation function of the body will become worse and worse.