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The latest mother's Day blessing message to mother in 2018

Maternal love is the most unselfish and ardent love in the world. If a woman is weak, she is strong. That's maternal love. Mother's Day is coming, send blessing to mother, wish her health and happiness forever.

1. A love affair leads two ends, three carnations celebrate the festival. A text message full of meaning, four seasons blessing like river surging forever. I love you very much. I am grateful for you. I will always remember you all my life. Happy mother's Day!

2. There is a kind of special warmth of care, a kind of caring heart to heart, a poem of wandering children, a title called mother, mother's Day is coming, SMS shows my heart, thanks for chunhuiming, and blessings for mother. Happy mother's Day!

3. In this world, no one loves me more than you; in this world, no one can replace you in my heart. Mom, no matter where I am, I will always love you.

4. Use my heart to smooth the wrinkles on your forehead, and use my emotion to dye the white hair on your head. Mom, thank you for giving me life. In today's festival, I wish you a long and healthy life as a child. I wish you a happy mother's Day!

5. Maternal love is like the sea, broad and great, boundless; maternal love is like the spring, continuous, moistening the heart; maternal love is like flowers, warm and fragrant, with a lifetime of companionship. On Mother's day, I wish all mothers a happy and healthy life.

6. She is not a cloud, but a rainbow; she is not a sun, but a sun like warmth; she is not a rain, but moisten my heart; mother's love is a day, mother's love is boundless, mother's Day wish the world mother's smile the sweetest, mother's day happy!

7. No matter how time flies, you are still in my heart, no matter how merciless time is, you still give me the warmest love, no matter how many angels I meet, you are still the most beautiful and greatest in the world! Happy mother's Day!

8. Fold the paper of the soul into the most beautiful carnation in the world and give it to your mother. Thank her for giving you life and making you my friend. On Mother's day, I wish your mother good health and a long life!

9. Mom: I can't send you a bunch of carnations in a foreign country. I just want to send you a message to express my heart and wish you health, happiness and happiness!

10. You are a big tree. Spring depends on your fantasy. Summer depends on your exuberance. Autumn depends on your maturity. Winter depends on your meditation. Dear mother, thank you for all you have given me, and wish you a happy holiday!

11. Mom, you have worked hard! In this festival, I sincerely wish you good health, safety and happiness!

12. The sky is vast, not as broad as mother's fraternity; the sun is warm, not as warm as mother's true feelings; the flowers are brilliant, not as bright as mother's smile; the rainbow is bright, not as bright as mother's happiness. Happy mother!

13. The sky is full of white clouds, full of my thoughts, and passed on to you with the wind. My deep blessing: Thank you for your nurturing, and let me grow up healthily and happily; thanks to your earnest teaching, let me be happy, auspicious and always with you, my mother!

14. Go back to see her no matter how busy you are with your work. Call her no matter how far away you are. Her white hair is the proof of your growth, and her wrinkles are the memory you care about. Mother's Day is coming. Give your blessing to your mother.

15. Call mom first when you come to the world! Give mom back when you grow up! Tell mom when you are happy! Remember mom when you struggle! Tell mom when you receive a text message! Bless mom when you love her so much! Happy mother's Day!