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What should we pay attention to when bathing dogs? How to bathe dogs

How to bathe dogs when they are kept clean? It's also experienced. What's the experience and skill of bathing dogs?

The dog should be bathed in the morning or noon, not in the air humidity or rainy days. Even for healthy dogs, the bath time should be from noon to dusk. After washing, blow dry with a hair dryer or towel immediately.

What should I pay attention to when I bathe my dog?

Bath time

It's an instinct for dogs to clean themselves by licking their fur with their tongue, but this pair of dogs is not clean enough, so they must take a bath. Generally, domestic dogs are washed once a month. In the South with high temperature and humidity, they can be washed once a week or two.

Method of bathing

Puppies are vulnerable to respiratory tract infection, cold and pneumonia due to their weak resistance. Therefore, dogs under half a year old should not be bathed in water. Dry cleaning is better. Spray conditioner and baby talcum powder diluted more than 1000 times every day or the next day. Brush frequently, instead of washing. Puppies are afraid of taking a bath, especially Shapi puppies are afraid of water. Therefore, we should do a good job in the first bath training for puppies, fill the basin with warm water, put the puppies in the basin, show their heads and necks, so that the dogs will feel comfortable, and won't be reluctant to take a bath later.

The right way to bathe is as follows: stand with the dog's head to your left side, block the lower part of the dog's head with your left hand to the chest, and fix the dog. Put your right hand in the tub, use warm water to get wet in the order of buttocks, back, abdomen, hind limbs, shoulders and forelegs, apply Shampoo (preferably pet shampoo), rub it gently, comb it quickly with the comb, press both sides of the anus with your fingers before washing, and squeeze out the secretion of the anal gland. Cover the ears with left or right hand upward from the lower palate, wash gently from the top of the head with clear water, pay attention to prevent water from flowing into the ears, then wash all parts of the body with clear water from the front to the back, immediately wrap the head with a towel, and dry the water. Long haired dogs can be dried with a hair dryer. While blowing, they should comb their hair continuously. As long as the body of the dog is not dry, they should comb until the hair is dry.

Precautions for bathing

The dog's bath started more than two weeks after the birth of February and vaccination. Dogs raised outdoors should be washed three to four times a year, while dogs raised indoors should be washed once a month for 20 days. Dog's skin doesn't sweat as easily as human's and doesn't need to bathe often.

Before bathing, let it take a walk, let it excrete urine and separate excrement, and comb the coat first, so as to not only comb the tangled hairs together and prevent the tangled hairs from becoming more serious, but also remove large pieces of dirt for cleaning. Especially around the mouth, behind the ears, under the armpit, inside the thigh, toe tip and other places, the parts that the dog is most reluctant to let people comb should be combed clean. When combing, in order to reduce and avoid the dog's pain, you can hold the root of the hair with one hand and comb with the other hand.

Then take a bath in order. Put the puppy in 36 ℃ ~ 38 ℃ warm water. The temperature of the bath water should not be too high or too low. First, eliminate the secretion near the anus. Soak the sponge in the shampoo diluted several times, then wash the whole body from the back of the head, and then clean it with water. Be careful not to let shampoo get into your eyes, nose and mouth.

When bathing, be sure to prevent the shampoo from flowing into the dog's eyes or ears. Wash thoroughly, do not leave soap or shampoo on the dog to prevent skin irritation.

But sick dogs and puppies (3 months ago) should not be bathed. Because sick dogs and puppies have poor physical function and weak resistance to disease, bathing at this time will not only aggravate the disease, but also easily cause cold.

The dog should be bathed in the morning or noon, not in the air humidity or rainy days. Even for healthy dogs, the bath time should be from noon to evening. After washing, the dogs should be dried with a hair dryer or towel immediately. Do not dry the dogs in the sun.

If the sick dog or pup is stained with hair, it can be combed gently several times with a comb or wiped clean with a towel.