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How to choose dog food and cat food

It's also a skill to choose food for pets. How to choose high quality dog food without adding artificial colors, flavor additives and preservatives is the standard. Look at the following article before choosing.

What's the best way to buy cat food?

Purchasing skills of cat food

First of all, let's talk about what is natural food?

As the name implies, natural cat food is made of fresh chicken, beef, mutton, vegetables, whole wheat flour, cellulose and other all natural raw materials without any artificial colors or additives.

Secondly, let's understand what 4D is mentioned by netizens?

Disabled; dead dead; dying or dying; diseased. The low-cost cat food uses 4D raw materials, which is harmful to the health of meow star people.

Next, let's take a look at the whole Dog Journal

WDJ journal is a pure knowledge magazine without any commercial advertisement, so it has considerable authority. WDJ should be familiar to many pet products sellers or users, but not many people can fully understand WDJ. Here, we collect some data about WDJ and discuss it with you. WDJ (wholedogjournal) is an independent media that does not accept advertisement at all and relies on subscription income completely. It covers natural care, diet, training advice and auxiliary medical information, all of which are from experts in various fields. Recommended basic standards for WDJ pair:

1) High quality animal protein;

2) Refuse to contain any meat by-products or poultry by-products (referring to animal viscera, leftovers, etc.);

3) Refuse to contain the fat or protein that has not been specified. Please pay special attention to the mark of animal fat in the feed, because it is only a good saying of low quality, low cost and oil from unknown sources;

4) Pay attention to the application of whole grains and vegetables;

5) Reject dog food containing any artificial color, flavor additive and preservative. A healthy, high-quality dog food should not only be added to improve the palatability of feed, but also any non nutritive additives. If it is really for preservation, natural preservatives can be selected, such as rosemary, vitamin A or C to replace chemical preservatives;

6) Refuse to contain any sweetener.