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What's the matter with women's 12000 taxi to Beijing 12000 taxi to Beijing

Four seas network: 1300 kilometers of long-distance travel, normal people are undoubtedly the first plane, high-speed rail, train, a little bit of a car. Unexpectedly, recently, a woman took a taxi from Hangzhou to Beijing for 12000 yuan. At present, the Internet about the road is not worth so much money, whether the driver should refund the money, has been noisy.

What's the matter with women's 12000 taxi to Beijing 12000 taxi to Beijing

Recently, Hangzhou girl Xiaojun (pseudonym) took a taxi from Hangzhou City railway station to Beijing lvying street, and agreed with the driver about 12000 yuan. After arriving at the destination, Xiaojun paid 12000 yuan, and the taxi driver immediately returned to Hangzhou. But when he returned to Hangzhou, he learned that he had been complained by Xiaojun's family. They believe that the taxi fare should be 6000-7000 yuan. The driver has arbitrary charges. They say Xiaojun is schizophrenic and hope that the driver can refund part of the fare.

Is the fare really higher? Compare the cost of other methods. In the case of self driving, the total distance is about 1272km, the time is about 15.5h, the toll is less than 600 yuan, the gross cost of oil is 700 yuan, a total of 1300 yuan; on the online car Hailing platform, the carpooling is 4180.6 yuan, the express is 4180.7 yuan, and the premium is only 4928 yuan, which is far less than 12000 yuan, so the downwind is cheaper, 638.7 yuan.

Some netizens think that since it's the agreed price, it's the mutual affection and my wish. And drivers don't offer such a high price in the first place. In general, for such a long distance, the driver will ask the passenger for confirmation many times. In general, drivers should not be held responsible.

However, according to the lawyer, if a woman does suffer from schizophrenia when taking a taxi, that is, she is in a state of legal incapacity or limited capacity for civil conduct. According to articles 144 and 145 of the general principles of the civil law, the legal acts performed by a person without capacity for civil conduct are invalid, and the legal acts performed by a person with limited capacity for civil conduct are invalid If the legal representative refuses to ratify, it shall also be invalid. The property obtained by the driver due to the invalid contract shall be returned, i.e. the driver shall refund the fare of 12000 yuan.

If the driver has driven from Hangzhou to Beijing according to the passenger's requirements, and has paid for fuel, bridge and road tolls, labor, etc. in the process, if the driver has played a considerable duty of care when taking a taxi for women, in practice, it is generally manifested as repeatedly confirming and observing whether the passenger is different. In this case, the driver is not at fault, and the passenger should pay a reasonable consideration.