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What is the ending of warm string? Is warm and South string finally together

"Warm string" is on the air, and the ratings are good. The characters' warm feelings and the feelings of Nanxian are breaking, breaking and killing the audience. What's the final result? Is warmth with South chord?

"Warm string" is on the air. Zhang Han's tiny red eyes, tiny raised eyes when talking, are affectionate and sour. We can feel the sadness of zhannan string's waiting for love for many years across the screen. I believe that Zhang Han, the bully president, has many fans!

All the friends who have read the novel know that warmth and South chord are separated, separated and combined for ten years. Their constant love for ten years makes countless people envy them. Friends who like the play can go to see the original novel.

Nanxian high school was very excellent and dazzling, so many girls secretly fell in love with him, but there was only one warm person in Nanxian. When I was in high school, my warm sister and my deskmate loved him secretly. We can see the charm of South string. Let me talk about why warm and South string broke up.

In the novel, warm sister is refused to express her love to Nanxian, and she commits suicide gently. Warm for her sister to sacrifice their love and break up with the hero, feel warm sister gentle a little annoying, others don't like you, you go to suicide. It has made our hostess warm.

In the TV series, I always said to Xiaodao that warmth and Nanxian can't be together, because that was the case in those days, so what was the matter in those days that made two people in love unable to be together! What was the warm sleepwalking!

It's said that both Nanxian and warm parents want them to be together, so they always try to make up for each other when they know that they broke up. Unfortunately, Nanxian and warm father had an accident when they were on their way home. Both fathers died.

After warm and South string meet again, can't forget each other. Will two people who love each other finally be together? The novel ends up with a baby. I believe that TV series will also give us a perfect surprise.