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Asian champions go to Hong Kong 1:3 lose to deer antlers in recent 4 Wars 3 defeat Asian champions a

Four seas network: the first leg of the Asian Championship 1 / 8 knockout game will be fought again tonight. Shanghai will go to Hong Kong to challenge the strong team of the J League, Ludao antler. In the first half of the match, both ends of the attack and defense were suppressed by the opponent, who scored a goal. After Yi Bian, the opponent scored another corner goal, and the two goals behind Shanggang strengthened the attack. However, deer antler seized the opportunity of counterattack and forced Yu Hai to send the Oolong gift, but elkson quickly returned to the opponent and scored an away goal.

In the end, the two sides will lose 1:3 to antlers in Shanghai, and the second round will be held on May 16.

In the first minute, the antlers almost broke through. Yuanfujiang shot straight to the back point on the right, Yan Junling made a mistake in judgment, and the ball directly hit the back post to pop up!

In the 8th minute, LV Wenjun made a breakthrough on the left side and passed the ball. Chang Ziyuan, who was defending back, subconsciously blocked the ball. Oscar followed up, padded the ball and pushed it back, but Quan Chuntai just saved the ball!

In the 30th minute, he went to Hong Kong to get a free kick on the right side. When Oscar got to the front, Wu Lei quickly followed up with the header.

In the 42nd minute, the antlers of deer island took the lead. Yongmuliangtai left corner, the ball hit LV Wenjun's shoulder in confusion and flew to the gate. Yan Junling fought hard to save the ball and fished it out of the gate line, but Suzuki Youmo stabbed it first, 1-0, and Ludao was ahead.

Yi Bian fights again. In the 49th minute, the main team will go to the next city. Yuanfujiang left the corner on the right, ahmedov fell forward, and the ball in the small restricted area of West Dawu stabbed and broke the net! Go to Hong Kong 0-2 behind the deer island!

The 59th minute, in the sea left cross forbidden area, elkson forbidden area in the middle of the head swing attack door, the ball deviated from the right column.

In the 65th minute, Suzuki Youmo kicked down elkson and got a yellow card. He went to Hong Kong and got an excellent free kick opportunity in front of the forbidden area. The Oscar referee hit a stick chop and the ball was blocked by the defensive player behind the wall!

The 74th minute, in the sea to send the Dragon gift! In Anxi's left cross, Yuhai and Suzuki Youmo compete at the back. Yuhai plans to fly and head for the break, but under Suzuki's pressure, Yuhai's head for the break becomes an attack, pushing the ball into the dead corner, 3-0.

In the 75th minute, he finally scored in Hong Kong! LV Wenjun sent the ball in the middle of the penalty area. Although he was blocked, he immediately moved the ball to the left, and elkson scored 3-1 from close range! Go to Hong Kong and pull back a goal.

In the 93rd minute, LV Wenjun delivers the ball in the forbidden area. Wu Lei turns around and shoots high!

Finally, the deer antlers defeated Shanghai 3-1 at home to win the first round.

Team members from both sides:

Shanghai Shanggang: 1-yan Junling; 4-wang shanchao, 5-shi Ke, 28-he Yong, 21-yu Hai; 25-ahmad doff, 6-cai Huikang (18-zhang-80 minutes); 7-wu Lei, 8-oscar, 11-lv Wenjun; 9-elkson

Kajima antler: 1-quan Chuntai; 22-xidawu, 3-chang Ziyuan, 5-zhitong to Shida, 32-anxi Xinghui; 8-tuju Shengzhen (7-pedro, 76 minutes), 20-sangan Jiandou, 6-yongmu Liangtai, 25-yuanfujiang (39-qiya, 90 minutes); 9-suzuki Youmo, 10-jinqi Mengsheng (40-xiaoliyuan, 86 minutes)