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Messi's 4 consecutive goals Barcelona 5-1 yellow diving still unbeaten at 02:00 on May 10, although Barcelona have already won the double, but because the Spanish League has not lost so far this season, it is certainly in line with the wishes of Barcelona fans to keep the final unbeaten. Messi's Spanish Golden boot has stabilized, and his goal is obviously to win the European golden boot. In the early morning of this morning's Beijing time, Barcelona won 5-1 against Villarreal and kept unbeaten. Messi also scored a goal. He is 3 goals ahead of Salah. If not expected, he will be the golden boot of Europe again!

Messi's 4 consecutive goals Barcelona 5-1 yellow diving still unbeaten

The biggest highlight of this morning's game is denbelle, who played a good part in the second plum blossom. The other two goals were scored by Kookaburra and violent birds. Of Barcelona's five goals, Messi and denbelle are the best. Denbelle scored the highest score of the game with 9.9 points, while Messi scored the second with 9.4 points.

The 45th minute, Messi's forbidden area back to Iniesta, then forward, with a clear mind, with a precise pick to find Messi, Argentina superstar in front of the goalkeeper easily pad shot, the score will be rewritten as 3-0! It was also Messi's fourth consecutive goal in the Copa del Rey and La Liga!

Don't think Messi is just scoring because he is chasing the Champions League Golden boot. His sense of teamwork is still very strong. In the 53rd minute, Messi sent Iniesta a precise cross in front of the penalty area, but Xiaobai failed to shoot the frame.

In the eyes of many fans, Barcelona lead early in the game. Messi can get a rest in the second half, even if he doesn't rest, he can play health ball on the court to attract the defense of the other side. But Messi doesn't think so. Even in injury time, Messi doesn't stop running and attacking.

In the 92nd minute, Messi picked up Kookaburra's wonderful pass. Although he knew that he was offside, he still mischievously shot through the door at zero angle. Messi's footwork is great, but it also shows that Messi wants to score goals!

When the match entered the second reading stage, the opponent's far shot caused Mina to passively 'block the pass', and denbelle got the ball all the way to break through and shoot it in the forbidden area. Among them, Messi is also running with denbelle on the right side. On the one hand, it's to attract defense. On the other hand, if the French youngster can pass the ball, Messi will be the one who scored twice.

The above two scenes prove Messi's thinking of preparing for the world cup, which is to keep a good (including goals) state and meet his training in Argentina. After Barcelona's game (including the friendly), it is estimated that Messi's chance of rotation is very small. Although many fans hope that Messi will have a rest in the next Spanish League visit to Levant!