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How can peace elites practice shooting? Which mode can peace elites practice shooting

How can peace elites practice shooting? Which mode can peace elites practice shooting what is the most important thing to play with peace elites? Many players must choose the shooting method first. In addition to luck, peace elites are not allowed to shoot to a large extent. If they are not afraid of sneak attack, they can fight back, then how can peace elites practice the shooting method? Let's have a look.

Among the peace elites, there are a lot of lybs who can live in peace, but the first-class King gunslingers are rare. The direct benefit brought by the hard gun is that we can quickly defeat the opponent in the direct confrontation, because the longer we hold a stalemate with the opponent, the more likely we are to be interfered by other players.

If we can defeat the enemy in one shot, we can let other enemies not accurately locate our position, so as to ensure our own safety. And in the final circle, a good shooting method is the guarantee for us to eat chicken.

But in many cases, because of the slow pace of the conventional mode, we often don't meet the enemy in the first ten minutes of the game, and then we are killed by the enemy who has occupied the favorable terrain in the final circle. Over time, our shooting skills will become extremely poor, and the situation that we have huge equipment advantages but can't win will happen. To the players' chagrin, they couldn't find a way to improve their shooting skills for a while.

In this mode, the refresh time of the security zone is quickly reduced, and the rhythm will become faster. Therefore, players often use steel guns, and there is no time to search for materials. Killing is undoubtedly the fastest way to get materials. Of course, the number of packets licked or boxes of steel guns landing is not counted.

In this mode, the earlier you land, the better you will have. It's not a big problem to land in a wild area. Anyway, everyone's equipment is not good. Kill more people to see if there is a third level leader. Try not to break away from your teammates, or you will be beaten. In this mode, the role of teammates is more important.

Unless you are good at shooting, don't just meet people, but it's said that it's for practicing guns. I believe that the shooting skills of all of you are common. It's better to teach yourself to be a man with one 98K when the enemy is still, or nod your head quickly with two rifles. I believe that many of you can't do it, and Xiaobai will stand still and let you burst your head. But if you see Voldemort, you're welcome.

In the exciting duel, the time to shrink the circle is very short. Correspondingly, the time to collect materials becomes necessary. So once we are very rich, we must not forget our teammates who fight side by side. Sharing medicine and ammunition, as well as various weapons and accessories, can quickly increase team cohesion, and can also play to improve the combat effectiveness of teammates. A quadruple mirror mounted on a teammate's gun must be more useful than the quadruple mirror lying in your backpack.

The above is the strategy of Jedi survival and peace elite gun training. Although the shooting method is important, the cooperation between the playing method and teammates is more important. The chicken eating game tests the team cooperation more than the traditional shooting game. Presumably many people have played the dream of 300 million primary school students. That game can really kill a team by one person. Of course, they were basically annihilated one by one.