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When will nuts R1 be released? What's the price of nuts R1

Nut R1 will launch a new product in the bird's nest on May 15, 2018 as scheduled. I believe many fans have been paying attention to this mobile phone for a long time, so what are the concerns of nut R1? What's the price of R1 nuts? Come and have a look.

Luo Yonghao, CEO of hammer technology, revealed that the cost of nut R1 is really high, 3000 yuan may not be able to beat, mostly from 3500 yuan. Therefore, it is speculated that the starting price of nut R1 may be in the range of 3500-4000 yuan, and the high-end version may be more than 4000 yuan.

In terms of configuration, nut R1 is equipped with a Qualcomm snapdragon 845 processor. This chip is based on the 10 nm LPP process. It adopts the kryo 385 architecture and eight core design. The main frequency of CPU reaches 2.8GhZ, the GPU is Adreno 630, and the running score of rabbit is 270000.

In terms of system, nut R1 will be equipped with 'subversive' operating system, which integrates AI technology and is expected to achieve more than 200% efficiency improvement. Luo Yonghao even said that it is a complete winner of IOS and windows.

In addition, nut R1 also supports high-power wireless fast charging, and photography is also a first-class level.