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2018 serie a final AC Milan vs Juventus video viewing address at 3:00 a.m. on May 10, the Italian Cup final of 2017 / 18 season will start. Juventus vs. AC Milan, AC Milan have scored 1-2-7 against Juventus in the last 10 times, which is in the absolute downwind. Juventus are aiming to win the Coppa Italia four in a row. This season, they have already beaten AC Milan in the league.

Time: 03:00, May 10

Live address: mid=259:978897

In the past, the final of the Italian Cup was always in late May, but because of the world cup this summer, the final of the Italian Cup was also advanced. The two teams have played each other for the last four times and Juve have won all. This season, Juventus beat AC Milan twice in the league. At home, Juventus won 2-0. At away, Juventus also won 3-1, while dibala, cuddlado and hedira won. As a result, Juventus have the upper hand both in terms of strength and mentality.

Juventus have basically locked in the league title. Now they play against AC Milan in the Italian Cup. Juventus want to achieve the goal of double. In the last two games, Juventus have won. The team is attacking well.