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No need to separate the use of mosquito repellent incense. No need to separate the use of mosquito r

No need to separate the use of mosquito repellent incense. No need to separate the use of mosquito repellent incense in summer, mosquitoes began to be active. At this time, mosquito killers in China -- mosquito killers -- became popular. Mosquito killers are basically spiraling on the market. When many people use mosquito killers, they separate them bit by bit. Netizens shout that this design is anti human! Recently, netizens said that mosquito Killers don't need to be opened, they light them directly, and the other half will separate automatically. In fact, it is true Do you really need to separate mosquito repellent incense? Let's see the following four sea net small weaving experiment!

Recently, 'mosquito repellent incense' has become a hot topic on the Internet. A post has been publicized by netizens. Some netizens said that they have been doing no hard work for many years. Mosquito repellent incense doesn't need to be separated at all. When they burn one circle, they will automatically separate another circle.

It's been twenty or thirty years! Isn't it right that even the use of mosquito repellent incense box is marked "separately lit"?

I don't believe it! So I made up two different brands of mosquito repellent incense. After the experiment, I was embarrassed. I not only burned the mosquito repellent incense, but also nearly smoked myself.

No need to separate mosquito repellent incense in one post

'mosquito repellent incense doesn't need to be separated at all! Burn it directly, and it will automatically separate another circle after burning one circle. "Once this post is posted, it will detonate the circle of friends. 'beetle on Weibo': it's said in the manual to be broken. 'Yu silent place f': Well, if we don't need to separate them, the manufacturer will make one. Why do we need two crosses? 'good, spicy and hot': how can it be? Doesn't it coax the mentally handicapped to play? When the temperature is up, how can the fragrance next door be gone!

But, however, some people have made it. They have also made a picture: "no wind blows, the gap in the middle is just right. It's OK.". Many netizens were slapped on the face and felt that they had been living in vain for more than 20 years.

Two groups of experimental mosquito repellent incense burned and smoked half dead

'I don't believe it, I don't believe it!' the reporter bought two different brands of mosquito repellent incense and set them on fire. As a result, not only did they burn the incense, but they almost fainted.

Experiment 1

Location: outdoor balcony (ventilation)

Experiment process: light one end of the mosquito repellent incense, lay it on the ground, and put white paper under it; within 50 minutes, the mosquito repellent incense at the adhesion of the next door was ignited. Two hours and 15 minutes later, the mosquito repellent incense was half burnt, and the two plates were burned together.

Results: the automatic separation of mosquito repellent incense failed.

Experiment 2

Location: closed room

Experiment process: also light the mosquito repellent incense at one end and put it in a closed air-conditioned room. One hour and 13 minutes later, the next door 'brother' also burns.

Results: in the closed room, there was no wind effect, and mosquito repellent incense would not be separated automatically. After burning for more than 1 hour, other mosquito repellent incense was ignited, and the whole room was full of the smell of mosquito repellent incense.

Remind the whole group to light the fire easily

Don't break off some mosquito repellent incense, not only people are half dead, but also hidden dangers.

The whole group of mosquito repellent incense will burn out in 3 hours, and the harmful gas produced is larger than that of single circle burning for 7 hours.

The guide reminded the general public that although some netizens did succeed in the experiment, there are still risks in the whole group of lighting mosquito repellent incense, which is easy to cause fire, so we should pay attention to safety.

Why do you want to sell it?

According to media reports, spiral mosquito repellent incense has also won the Japanese excellent design award, i.e. G-Mark, which is known as the "Oriental design Oscar". The reason why it is designed into this style is actually to save space and convenient storage. It is not as easy to be broken as the long strip fragrance, and the combustion is more durable.

The guide reporter also interviewed the mosquito repellent incense merchants, who all said that according to the instructions, the mosquito repellent incense should be ignited in two single circles. The two mosquito repellent incense plates are put together to facilitate transportation. The single circle has a large gap and is easy to break during transportation. And according to human sleep 6-8 hours, designed into a circle, burning time up to 7 hours.

How to break mosquito repellent incense without breaking it

1. Gently use the thumb and index finger of both hands to separate the gap between each circle;

2. Hold the mosquito repellent incense in both hands, press the left and right thumbs respectively in the middle Taiji shape, and hold the left middle finger and the right index finger on the other side respectively;

3. Use your hands gently, with your left hand down and your right hand up. On the contrary, you can gradually and completely separate two circles of mosquito repellent incense.