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Why do cats run away from home? How to find lost cats

In spring, cats are easy to get angry. At night, they will sneak out. When they sneak out, some cats will not find their way home, or some cats will elope with others. How to find their own cats? Here are some ways to try.

Lost the cat? Teach you to find the lost cat

Teach you to find the lost cat

Q: In spring, we often hear the emotional calls from the cats outside the window. Your cat can't resist the temptation, and will probably sneak out to meet you when you're not prepared. But spring is a rainy season again. The marks left by cats when they are looking for their way home are easily washed away by rain. So according to statistics, the probability of cat losing in spring is the highest in the whole year. If unfortunately your cat is one of them, what should you do?

A: The pet trainer told us that in fact, cats don't go far. Most of them stay within two kilometers away from home. They like to stay in parks, garbage dumps, secluded corners with few people and other places where stray cats gather.

To find it, it's best to take its sleeping mat and cat house at night and go to these places to gently call its name. The cat is more sensitive to smell than you think. It will definitely follow the familiar smell back to you. Of course, except for those cats who have eloped with the cats they love at first sight, at that time, you can only lament that it's too bad to stay, to stay, to stay and become enemies?