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2018-2019 snooker complete schedule

2018-2019 snooker complete schedule on May 8, the world Taiwan Federation updated the competition schedule of 2018 / 19 season. The number of ranking competitions increased from 20 to 21. The newly added ranking competition is called 'tournaments'. The tournaments will invite players from the first eight seasons to participate in the tournaments, with a total bonus of 375000 pounds and a champion of 150000 pounds.

The total bonus for the new season will exceed £ 15 million, compared with £ 10 million only two years ago. The total world championship prize will be increased from £ 1968000 this year to £ 2250000 and the champion prize will be £ 500000 (this year's world championship prize is £ 425000).

There are five events in China, including the world open, Shanghai Masters, China Championships, international championships and China open. The Shanghai Masters are Invitational events. The invitational events such as the Champions League, the masters, the Champions League and the world championship of six red balls will also continue.