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What's the matter with the new sheets? What about the new sheets

What's the matter with the new sheets? What about the new sheets a lot of friends have trouble buying bed sheets. The newly bought bed sheets feel a little pricking and uncomfortable when lying on them. What's the matter with the newly bought bed sheets pricking people? What should I do? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

What's the matter with the new sheets

1. Maybe you went to sleep before you washed it. The newly bought bed sheet and quilt cover should be washed before use, which is better for skin and body, otherwise there are many bacteria. The four piece set, which is sewn manually, has been touched by at least five non-stop workers from the beginning of fabric uncoiling to the end of putting it into the packaging bag. Many dirty bacteria can be washed or washed.

2. Maybe the fabric of the bed sheet you bought is poor, and the fabric is not good, so don't use it again. Or there are quality problems in the production of blackheart workshop, such as peculiar smell, residual chemicals, and some debris that is not conducive to our skin.

3. Of course, if the fabric feels comfortable but firm, the following treatment can be used.

How to deal with the new bed sheets

1. Refrigerate

Fold the cleaned new sheets in half and put them in the sealed bag, then put the sealed bag into the refrigerator's frozen layer, take the sealed bag out of the refrigerator the next day, wash it again after the ice residue on the sheets melts, and then dry it to improve the situation of sheet binding.

Tips: there are many wonderful uses for refrigerators. For example, the newly purchased silk stockings should not be unpacked, but put directly in the refrigerator freezer for 1-2 days. Then take it out for half a day or so and put it on again. The change of temperature can increase the toughness of the stockings. The frozen stockings are not easy to be damaged. After washing, the silk clothes of flat silk clothes are wrinkled and wrinkled. It's very troublesome to iron the clothes that are too soft. You can put the clothes in the plastic bag and put them in the refrigerator for a few minutes. It's much easier to iron them after taking them out. Also, wash the yellowish white clothes and freeze them for 1 hour before drying, and the clothes will turn a lot white.

2. Clean with softener

The newly purchased bed sheet pricker may as well pour some softener to help soften the fiber on the bed sheet when cleaning. The softener can soften the fiber structure, which has a good effect on the newly purchased bed sheet pricker. You may as well try it.

Softener: generally refers to clothing softener, also known as clothing care agent, is a kind of washing care products. It is suitable for the use of detergent in the process of fabric washing and nursing. It can make the fabric soft, fluffy and eliminate static electricity. The function of fabric softener is as if a protective film is evenly applied to the surface of the fabric fiber. The friction coefficient between the fibers is reduced and the mobility is enhanced due to the absorption of softener on the surface of the fiber. The inherent smoothness, extension and compression properties of the fiber are also restored, so the fabric becomes softer, fluffy and elastic.

3. Wash with white vinegar

The vinegar contains acetic acid, which can soften fibers and prevent short fibers from exposing. When cleaning the new sheets, you may as well put some white vinegar in them to help soften the fiber structure of the sheets. After cleaning and drying, the sheets will become soft.

4. Clean with warm boiled water

The newly bought bed sheet will inevitably have some pricking situations. At this time, you can choose to use warm boiled water to clean to help soften the bed sheet fiber. Put the newly purchased bed sheet into the water basin, then pour the warm boiled water submerged in the bed sheet, cover it with the cover for half an hour, and then take it into the washing machine for cleaning.