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How to fight desert map railway station

Four seas network: peace elite railway station how to fight. Analysis of station location of desert map train. The railway station is a point in the north of the desert map with few resources, but few players are competing. As the railway station is located in a remote area, it is necessary to pay attention to running circle. Here is the specific way to play the railway station. Let's have a look.

How to fight desert map railway station

Regional location

The railway station is located in the northwest corner of the desert area, the only resource point close to it is the small-scale Point Farm, and the large-scale resource area, IBO City, borders on the farm. The whole North and West are bare deserts. On the whole, they are very independent areas. However, due to their remote location, it is necessary to pay attention to the running time.

Overview of Architecture

The overall terrain of the railway station is relatively flat, but at the boundary point of the road running through the whole area, the terrain inclined to the direction of the house will slightly increase. From the architectural division, it can be roughly divided into two areas, one is a large number of containers loading and unloading area, and the other is a housing intensive residential area. The terrain can be divided into three parts:

1. One area is the northern railway station container area. The area is large, and the area is open, the material grade is general, and relatively scattered, but because there are many open places, the search is relatively convenient.

2. The central area, which is divided by the upper and lower roads, has small buildings, slightly dense resources and materials, but low grade.

3. The southern area is also the highest terrain area of the whole railway station, with dense houses, larger theme buildings and higher material grade. It is generally recommended to choose the first site.

Regional search route recommendation

Although it's a cold area, it's also occasionally met with some other players, so we need to plan a certain route to settle down in the railway station. Our recommended route is as follows:

The first choice is to set foot in the room area of area 3, starting from the "courtyard house" in the west, because the building is of long strip structure, open space, no more compartments and fences, and the search speed is very fast, because the terrain of the area is high, so the field of vision will be better. After that, it will be cleaned from the west to the East, and then directly to the East housing area of area 2. Most of the 2 rooms are bungalows, and the material grade is not very high. The purpose of coming to this area later is to supplement some matching drugs. Then push to Xiping at seven o'clock, and finally consider whether to enter the railway station according to the location of the poison ring. If you have enough time, you can quickly enter the north and east of the train. The two large warehouses are the refresh points of some high-level materials. Good luck, 98K and octax mirrors can meet each other. Of course, it depends on luck. Then you can clean up the open areas according to your own habits.