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What's the reason for chatting Nowadays, young people are more and more advocating less routines and more sincerity. The situation of less fake politeness has made a lot of interpersonal relationships feel embarrassed. From "embarrassed song", "embarrassed dance" to "embarrassed talk" we are going to talk about today. What is the meaning of embarrassed talk? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

What's the reason for chatting

What do you mean by "chat"

As a new network word. As the name implies, the awkward chat describes that the conversation leads to the freezing of the atmosphere. Chatting is a very simple thing for many people. When two people meet, they can talk for an hour or two. But for some people, it's too hard to chat well. If you meet someone who can't chat, you can chat every minute, but you have to chat when you need the situation. Such awkward chat is called "awkward chat" by netizens.

The source of "chat"

This word is derived from the word "embarrassed dance", which means forced chat. After all, now when a word doesn't agree with each other, they begin to embarrass each other and don't hurt each other.

'chat' development experience

We even summed up several common reasons for awkward chat:

1. The speaker threw out a stick so that the other side could not take it.

2. The other side is a refusal to chat, and the speaker has been actively raising the topic.

3. In the process of other people's chat, forcibly interpose.

In addition, there are also netizens Tucao Lu Yu, who is a chatting chatting person.

Guest: I have a stomachache. It often hurts.

Luyu: I don't know what it feels like to have stomachache, but I always think that women with stomachache are very elegant, so I cover (demonstrate) ouch.

Guest: elegance? It's hard.

Lu Yu: by the way, where is the stomach?

Guest: & hellip; & hellip;

I can feel the embarrassment across the screen, which makes my host worse.

Related examples

In order to prevent the chat in the office, we all played the idiom "Jielong" recently. As a result, the atmosphere was harmonious and the office was quiet. No one forced the chat again.