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Is Kerun sunscreen easy to use? Component analysis of Kerun sunscreen

Sunscreen is indispensable for sunscreen in summer. How to choose sunscreen products? Of course, it is necessary to choose a product that can nourish the skin and protect against sun. Today, I'd like to introduce a sunscreen product -- Kerun sunscreen. Let's get to know it.

How about Kerun sunscreen

Corel physical sunscreen SPF30 PA + + (available for face)

Capacity: 60ml reference price: 95-110 yuan

Huawang's skin care brand is specially customized for sensitive muscles.

I prefer to use this sunscreen in the new season. It's a physical sunscreen designed for sensitive muscles. It's more comfortable to use without any additives. Contains ceramide and some calming and soothing ingredients that you can keep if your skin is also unstable.

I still remember the first time I used it, my face was glossy, leaving a bad impression, and I was in a cold house. After the battle, I took it out and studied it. The physical sunscreen was also rocking music, but I'm not sure if I had shaken it at the beginning. I only remember that there was no separation of water and oil. In the future, I can shake it all for use.

It's much better to use it again than last time. It's not so greasy (use it after fully shaking). The texture of the coating liquid is very malleable and moist.

At the beginning, the fake white is obvious. In a moment, geisha's face will be more natural later. It's acceptable for me (Huang Yibai). It corrects my yellow skin. If you have dark skin, I can't say. It may not be easy to apply it evenly. I slap it on my face. I found that it can weaken the pores and dark circles visually.

The film forming speed is a little slow, but there is no obvious film sensation, and the effect of rubbing the emulsion is almost the same, sticky and weak. Not greasy, not stuffy skin.

This product alone won't rub mud, but we should pay attention to the skin care products used in the front. We should avoid high polymer glue, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients, or it will react with zinc oxide and bring out scurf like substances.

Follow up with make-up no problem, the same way to use a pat on the face, reduce the probability of rubbing mud.

Does Kerun sunscreen need to remove makeup

Need to unload with makeup remover, ordinary facial cleanser is not sure.

Oil skin is not recommended, and non sensitive skin is not recommended. After all, there are many substitutes that are not easy to get out of condition, so it is not particularly necessary to enter. If you have sensitive skin or unstable skin, I still recommend it. You don't have to think about the oil.

Component analysis of Kerun sunscreen

Physical sunscreen: zinc oxide alone is not strong enough for protection. The UVA protection band is a little weak, but the overall protection is relatively balanced. This component is beneficial to the skin itself. I think the brand must try to avoid adding the components that are dangerous to sensitive muscles when developing. It's enough for daily use, but if it's in the sun for a long time, it's recommended to add hard sunscreen, and wear the opaque black rubber umbrella and hat.

The addition of cetylpg hydroxyethyl palmamide (ceramide) can enhance the barrier effect of epidermal cells and improve the water holding capacity of skin.

Stearyl Glycyrrhizinate, soothing and anti allergy;

Rhubarb extract can alleviate the skin redness caused by ultraviolet;

Tocopherol (vitamin E) was added for antioxidation;

Eucalyptus globulus leaf extract can prevent skin discomfort caused by drying after sun exposure;

In addition to the addition of softener, there are also some oil in water emulsifiers (accurately speaking, silicon oil in water, close to the refreshing skin feeling of water in oil). It can reduce the evaporation of skin moisture and has good moisturizing performance.

No alcohol, fragrance and pigment.

Generally speaking, it is a very safe sunscreen product with high cost performance. It is recommended for sensitive skin, medium dry skin and mixed skin people. The protection ability is not very strong. If you are in the sun for a long time, remember to match the umbrella and hat.