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Is it right to say that mosquitoes prefer a certain blood type? That people attract mosquito bites in summer, you will find that when you sleep in the same room, some people are always complaining about being bitten by mosquitoes, while others have nothing to do, and feel that mosquitoes are biting one person. What's the matter? What kind of people do mosquitoes like to bite?

Is it right to say that mosquitoes prefer a certain blood type? That people attract mosquito bites

What kind of people do mosquitoes like to bite

1. Sweaty people

The sweat of human body contains a lot of amino acids, lactic acid and ammonia compounds. Mosquitoes are particularly sensitive to these compounds. As long as they smell these compounds, they will have an appetite.

2. Make up man

People who make up are more likely to attract mosquitoes than people who don't make up. Many cosmetics, such as hair gel, hand cream and facial cleanser, will have special smell after use, which is very attractive to mosquitoes.

3. People with higher temperature and more carbon dioxide

There is a heat acceptor in the antennae of a mosquito, which is very sensitive to temperature. It can use antennae to lock the target at a place about 50 meters away. Generally, people with a large body and a sweat prone body are easy to be bitten by mosquitoes. Moreover, the carbon dioxide emitted by the human body increases after exercise, and the mosquitoes sensitive to carbon dioxide will also be attracted.

4. A drinker

If you drink a glass or two of beer outside, you will be more likely to get bitten by mosquitoes. Because the body smell and breath will change after drinking, it will be easier to attract mosquitoes, and drinking will reduce the body's ability to defend against mosquito bites.

5. People in dark clothes

Mosquitos like to suck blood in low light environment. Wearing dark clothes has no reflective effect and is easy to be bitten by mosquitos. Moreover, dark clothes have strong heat absorption ability. Mosquitos like the ones with high temperature, which makes people wearing dark clothes more likely to be bitten.

6. Pregnant women

Pregnant women are twice as likely to be bitten by mosquitoes as other women. Because the gases exhaled by pregnant women contain a variety of chemicals that are easy to attract mosquitoes, and the temperature of pregnant women's abdomen will be higher, and the volatile substances on the skin surface are relatively more, which is easier to attract mosquitoes.

7. A man of milk

The reason why babies are always bitten by mosquitoes is not that they are delicate. It's because babies don't have the ability to resist mosquitoes, which are more likely to bite. Another reason is that the baby has a strong and fragrant milk flavor, and mosquitoes will prefer milk flavor.

Is it true that mosquitoes prefer a certain blood group

This statement is wrong. In fact, mosquito detection and positioning are mainly based on carbon dioxide, heat, volatile chemicals and other factors. Now there is no reliable data to explain the attraction of different blood groups to mosquitoes.

The most important factor for mosquitoes to find targets is carbon dioxide, and it's the flow of carbon dioxide. By identifying the direction of the air flow, mosquitoes can target. Therefore, the fatter and sporty people with thick breath are easy to recruit mosquitoes, so they should pay attention to mosquito control at ordinary times.

How to do mosquito control well

1. Screens and bed nets should be installed in summer. No matter repellent water or fumigating vinegar, it is not as safe and reliable as physical mosquito control.

2. It's better to go out in light color. Mosquitoes like to wear dark clothes. Because mosquitoes generally live in the dark environment, dark clothes are just in line with their visual habits. Moreover, dark clothes absorb more heat in summer, which will raise people's temperature and attract mosquitoes easily.

3. Take a shower immediately after sweating, do not use perfume, moisturizing lotion and other cosmetics, because mosquitoes prefer people with higher body temperature and sweating.

4. Which pots and pans, floor drains, sewers, flowerpots and other places that are easy to accumulate water in the house should be cleaned up in time. If there is a cover, the water can be changed frequently.

What to do after being bitten by mosquitoes

If bitten by a mosquito, wash with alkaline soap. Soap contains alkaline substances that neutralize the acids in mosquito saliva. If the package has been taken out, the method of continuous cold compress can be used to reduce swelling and relieve itching. For example, put the wet towel into the refrigerator and apply it to the biting part after freezing, once every 2-3 hours, about 20 minutes each time.