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The fattest and thinnest provinces published the national ranking of obesity rate Recently, one of the fattest and thinnest provinces came out. Netizens shouted that they were heartbroken. Some netizens also said they had lagged behind. Let's see which province is the fattest and thinnest!

Recently, China's centers for disease control published a "chronic disease and its risk factors monitoring data" report. The data in the report caused a heated discussion among netizens. Simply put, which province is the fattest and thinnest in China!

The data shows that: the obesity rate in the north is significantly higher than that in the south, and the greater Beijing is 7 places higher than the national average, ranking 14th in the obesity rate!!!

The distribution of fat people in North and south is quite different. No wonder there is a good song:

You are fat in the cold night in the North!

I'm slim on a sunny day in the south!

It's just that wages are averaged. I didn't expect that even the obesity rate is averaged & hellip; & hellip;

A fat me,

I need some thin people to lower my obesity rate;

Fat in front of me, not really fat!

BMI is the only criterion for obesity,

Here's the weight criteria defined by the WHO


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