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What's the difference between sunscreen and sunscreen gel

There are many sunscreen products in summer. There are many kinds of sunscreen, sunscreen gel, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen sticks and sunscreen spray. What are the characteristics of these products? What's the difference? Take a look!

Difference between sunscreen gel and sunscreen

Sunscreen gel and emulsion, texture is different, gel is generally gel texture, although very good smear, but there is a certain probability in subsequent makeup, resulting in mud phenomenon.

Sunscreen gel has a lot of water and is refreshing, which is suitable for dry or neutral skin; while sunscreen is delicate powder with less water, which is suitable for oily skin.

Sunscreen gel and sunscreen refer to the cosmetics added with sunscreen that can block or absorb ultraviolet rays to prevent skin from being suntanned and sunburned. According to the principle of sunscreen, sunscreen can be divided into physical sunscreen (gel) and chemical sunscreen (gel).

Sunscreen gel or sunscreen

Look at the personal skin type, with the blue and soft sunscreen gel and sunscreen as the most comparative evaluation.

This is the state of two extrudes. You can see that the gel is clearer and thinner

This is the appearance after application. Although the texture of the gel is more hydrated before application, the cream is more clear and hydrated after application. There are many small particles in the gel, which are a little difficult to spread evenly. After application, it will have whitening effect.

Both of them have good sunscreen effect, are waterproof and have high durability, but they have to be applied for three hours outside. If they stay indoors, they can last all day, but both of them contain alcohol, and the composition list is second, so girls with sensitive muscles should use them carefully. I prefer the cream one, because the upper face is more clear and moist, and the gel is easy to pan White, it will take a long time for the fake white on the face to become normal.

Why does sunscreen turn white after application

​ &; &; &; &; &; &; &; &; seconds turn white

Some sunscreens will turn white in seconds after application. This is because zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are added to the sunscreen. These two ingredients have a certain false white effect after use, so they will make girls appear that white effect after application. If you don't like fake white girls, please avoid these two ingredients when choosing sunscreen~

Pale complexion

Some sunscreens will not appear white once applied, but the skin color will be whiter and brighter after daily use. This is because general sunscreens have a good effect of blocking ultraviolet rays. If girls can use sunscreens every day to protect their skin from ultraviolet rays, then the skin will not appear As time goes by, the skin color will be whiter and brighter than before~