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2018 NBA Eastern semi-final Knight vs Raptor G2 live video address

2018 NBA Eastern semi-final Knight vs Raptor G2 live video address at 06:00 on May 4, the eastern semi-finals of NBA playoffs saw the second match between raptors and Cavaliers. In the first match, Cavaliers won 113-112 overtime at home, leading 1-0 at present.

Live time: 06:00, May 4

Live address: Mid = 100000:1471550

Expected first

Knights: Hill, Smith, Cornwall, LeBron, Loew

Raptors: Lori, drozan, anunobi, Ibaka, volansyunas

The Cavaliers beat the Raptors 2-1 in the regular season, with both wins coming from home. The two sides have been fighting for nearly seven times, and the Cavaliers are 5-2. The two teams have met twice in the playoffs, and the Cavaliers have eliminated the Raptors to advance. In the playoffs at home, the Raptors are 2-4 against the Cavaliers.

In the first game of the eastern semi-finals, the Cavaliers reversed the most 14 points behind in the regular time to catch up with each other. In the extra time game, they kept ahead and won the game away. They not only took the lead of 1-0, but also succeeded in seizing the home advantage. For the Cavaliers, this should be a goal for them to visit Toronto, and then they are going to take the lead 2-0 lightly.

LeBron once again played a leading role in the first game, scoring 26 points, 11 rebounds and 13 assists in triple doubles, the 21st triple double in his playoff career. LeBron played an extremely important role in the fourth quarter, and it was his continuous scoring that helped the team to catch up and win extra time. For the Cavaliers, they need LeBron to be aggressive and continue to activate the team with full performance.

'we need to be better prepared for the second game and the Raptors will be better prepared. However, we look forward to challenges, which should be fun, but we need to get better. 'said LeBron. 0-1 behind makes the Raptors in a situation where there is no way to go back. Their counter attack will definitely be stronger. What the Cavaliers have to do is to withstand the impact of their opponents and make the game play better. In this way, they will have a greater chance to win with LeBron.

LeBron sent out three pairs in the first game of the series, and he also received enough support from his teammates, such as Smith, Cornwall, Thompson and so on. If Smith and Kovar can keep the outside touch, the Cavaliers will be more lethal in attack. Once Loew can also return to the firing line, they will have a better chance to win. Thompson is going to try to stop varanas on the inside, and green is going to try to help. Hill and Clarkson will also play a role in the backcourt, and they will try to make greater contributions.

The Raptors lost their home advantage in the first game, but for the Raptors, they didn't lose hope, at least for the most part in the regular time. 'everyone is still confident that nothing has changed and I think we will be ready for the second game. 'said drozan.

As the team's attacking leader, drozan needs to play more aggressively, he needs to play more firmly on the attacking side. The Cavaliers may still be able to take the trap defense after drozan breaks, when he has to get out faster and be able to read the defense better. Lori is the other core of the team, and he also wants to play more firmly at the offensive end. The first round series of Theodora Dibo has brought great impact on the Cavaliers' defense line. If Lori can't play personal aggression, then the Raptors will become very difficult.

Volansyunus is a highlight of the first game of the Raptors. In the second game, he will definitely encounter stronger defense in the interior, and his physical consumption will be greater. I don't know if he can continue his excellent performance in the first game. Raptors need other players to contribute. Ibaka and subakam need to play on the inside, especially Ibaka needs to give double gun support on the offensive side. If van Willett, miles and others can fire on the bench, the Raptors will be more competitive.