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How to clean up a lot of flying insects in the bathroom

In summer, because of the hot weather. There are many little flies in the bathroom. These small flying insects are often the first to appear from the kitchen trash can, balcony flowerpot and toilet. The scope of activities will gradually expand to the whole room, which makes people very uncomfortable. Everyone brings a lot of troubles. What about small flying insects in the summer?

This kind of fly is called Simulium, it likes hot and humid environment. They mainly breed in shallow waters containing putrefactive organic matter. A large number of black flies can be cultivated in septic tanks, sewage tanks, toilets, bathroom washboards, standing water on the floor, kitchen sinks, wet dishcloth & hellip. Most of the adults of the eclosion moth and Simulium stop on the wall nearby. It will affect visual freshness and indoor cleaning, spread the possibility of E.coli Disease, and cause myiasis.

What are the life tips for eradicating small flying insects at home?

1. It is recommended that you clean up the garbage regularly and form good living habits. The peel and vegetables should be cleaned in time, and the house should be kept clean from time to time, especially the kitchen. You should be careful of the juice when eating the fruit, spray some insecticides on some corners of the house, and take out the garbage frequently.

2. Pay attention to keep the toilet airy and dry. The drain should be blocked with things. If the pipe under your pool is straight, it's better to change it into a curved one. Regularly flush the floor drain with boiled water or diluted 84 water to kill the eggs. This kind of insect is very stubborn. You need a more powerful insecticide to stare at it and spray it on your body to kill it.

Other ways to eliminate small flying insects:

1. Find some insecticides and put them on the table.

2. Ventilate during the day.

3. Don't keep fruit at home for a long time.

4. Buy a mosquito lamp. It works.

5. Check the floor joints one by one for termite infestation.

6. Check if the rice tank in the kitchen is mature.

7. Do you have any aquatic plants at home? If so, clean and change the water regularly to ensure the water in the vase is clean.

8. Don't put the food you don't eat into the refrigerator. Don't put it casually.

9. It is suggested to use Chinese medicine to expel insects, areca, Baibu, toosendania, Torreya.

10. The most important thing is to keep dry.

11. Regularly flush the floor drain and sewer with boiled water or diluted 84 to kill the eggs thoroughly.