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What about the new sandals in summer? How to handle new shoes

In hot summer, for the beauty who likes to wear sandals, sometimes a big blister will appear on the heel of new shoes. What about the new shoes? There are many ways to solve the problem. See what suits you. Have a try.

① there are many ways to deal with it: you can use a wet sponge to wet the shoe leather on the ground foot, and it will soften after one hour, and it will not be so uncomfortable to wear again. But do not often wipe wet shoe leather, that is not conducive to the protection of leather shoes.

② it can also be applied to the place where the feet are ground in the shoes with white spirit. Soak it for about 5-15 minutes, wait for it to be slightly soft, then put it on for walking, and do not grind the feet after drying.

③ you can also spray alcohol on the cloth strip until it is wet, then fill the cloth strip with shoes, and wear it the next day.

Gently knead the foot with your hand to make the shoe soft, but do not use too much force to avoid wrinkling the upper. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

Other methods:

Method 1: use adhesive tape to stick it on the place where shoes and feet are ground, and it will not be too ground after a period of time.

Method 2: fold the one that grinds your feet inside and concave it. It's like stepping on a slipper. It'll be much better in a few days.

Method 3: not all new shoes must be worn. It may be that the style of shoes you buy is wrong, or the shoes you buy are not suitable for your foot shape.

Method 4: cover the place where the foot is grinded with a wet cloth, and then hit it gently and repeatedly with a small hammer to make it soft and gentle, and then wear it without grinding the foot.

Method five: go to the leather shoes beauty shop to inquire about, all have the business of supporting shoes.