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How to clean the yellow silk quilt

How to clean the yellow silk quilt with the improvement of people's material living standard, people pay more and more attention to life. Besides cotton, quilts also have silk. What should we do if the silk is yellow? How to wash silk when it is yellow? Let's have a look.

What to do with silk being yellow

Wax gourd juice cleaning

Buy a piece of fresh wax gourd, mash it and pour it into a container that can filter the juice of wax gourd and the meat of many melons, then rub the yellow silk quilt with the juice of wax gourd, and rinse it with clear water.

Color bleaching

Supermarket to buy a bottle of color float, 45 degrees warm water soak for an hour. Then use the washing powder and 45 ℃ warm water to soak for another hour. Turn it several times to make sure that your yellowing silk fabric will be as white as before.

The reason why silk is easy to turn yellow

Silk quilt is characterized by high temperature, high humidity or strong light irradiation, which will produce oxidation reaction, at the same time, make the oil in the fiber secrete, and make the quilt surface yellow. Most of the reasons for the yellowing of silk are damp. In general, the quilt will be hygroscopic in places with high humidity. If the quilt is packed in a film bag, the temperature inside is too high and the moisture can not be drilled out, so it is easy to form yellow spots on the quilt. There is also a strong light exposure, such as sun exposure for a long time, will also make silk prone to yellowing.

If the silk quilt is put in the closet for a year, it may turn yellow. What can I do if the silk quilt turns yellow, and how can I clean it?

Precautions for silk quilt maintenance

The silk quilt must be dried in the sun before storage, and then stored in a cool and dry place in a cloth bag. If the wardrobe is a little wet, put some bamboo charcoal to absorb moisture to ensure dryness, so as not to cause the silk to turn yellow.

How to dry silk quilt

Although silk quilt can be dried, it can't be dried in the sun. If the silk is exposed to the sun for a long time, it is easy to cause deterioration. Why can't it be exposed to the sun? These are all related to the material of the silk quilt.

It is also regular for silk to be sun dried. Generally, silk is sun dried once a month or half a month, and it does not need a long time to be sun dried. 3-4 hours is enough. Try to sun both sides of the quilt.