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The latest news of nut R1

The latest news of nut R1 hammer technology has caught everyone's appetite in recent years. Luo Yonghao interacted with netizens on Weibo, claiming that the new product will change the life of smart phones and computers. All functions and configurations will be shocking. According to Luo Yonghao, CEO of hammer technology, the new machine is named nut R1, which is worth 120% of everyone's expectation. So what are the new functions of nut R1 and how does nut R1 look? Now let's have a look at the latest news.

Hammer technology just launched a new mobile phone of nut series, and Luo Yonghao was very satisfied with his new product. At the conference, he also announced that he would continue to hold the conference on May 15 this year, at which he would release the revolutionary flagship of hammer, named nut R1 (revolution one).

Luo Yonghao revealed the price of hammer's new flagship mobile phone nut R1 in his daily communication with netizens, saying that the new nut R1 will start from 3000 yuan and can even reach 15000 yuan at most. As for why not put the price of nut R1 at 2000 yuan, Luo Yonghao said that the nut pro2 of 2000 yuan is the best mobile phone.

According to previous reports from it house, nut R1 will be equipped with a new smartisan OS system, integrating artificial intelligence technology, and its efficiency is expected to increase by more than 200%. Meanwhile, according to Wu Dezhou, vice president of hardware research and development of hammer technology product line, nut R1 will support high-power wireless charging function. Luo Yonghao also said that nut R1 photos must be first-class.

In terms of configuration, nut R1 is likely to be equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 845 processor.

At present, there is not much information about the exposure of nut R1. The 'teammates' who used to be the main force of the exposure have no information to release this time. The hammers can only wait. The truth will be revealed on May 15.