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Does low testosterone affect fertility? What's the harm of low testosterone

Does low testosterone affect fertility? What's the harm of low testosterone low testosterone in men will have a great impact on health, reduce sexual function, reduce attention, and many friends worry that low testosterone can't have children. Let's see if low testosterone can affect fertility and what harm low testosterone has.

Does male testosterone have low energy to have children

Low testosterone does not affect normal pregnancy. But it can affect sexual function, and often feel anxious and tired. Therefore, we must treat the low testosterone.

Suggestion: we should pay attention to diet and exercise regularly. All the patients were treated actively.

The harm of low testosterone in men

1. Effects of testosterone on infants: in the first week after the birth of male infant, the concentration of testosterone began to rise, and maintained for several months, which was similar to that of puberty. Testosterone plays an important role in the formation of male penis and scrotum.

2. Effects of testosterone on adolescent males:

Testosterone is a kind of androgen. Male sexual behavior is related to androgen. When the testicles begin to secrete androgens during puberty, male sexual behavior begins to germinate and increase.

Produce adult body odor;

Skin and hair are oily and have acne;

Pubic hair and armpit hair;

Rapid growth, accelerating bone growth;

The sound line becomes low;

The subcutaneous fat of face decreased;

Laryngeal nucleus;

Increased muscle strength and mass

It is reported that exogenous testosterone can enhance the libido of normal men and increase the hardness of erection. Androgen has a direct effect on erectile tissue. However, the use of exogenous testosterone will lead to the degeneration of gonads, and eventually lead to the inability to secrete testosterone

3. The influence of testosterone on adult male: the influence of testosterone on adult male mainly includes four points: maintaining muscle strength and quality; maintaining bone density and strength; maintaining sexual desire and erectile times; refreshing and improving physical fitness

What to do with low testosterone

1. Take an active part in physical exercises. Strengthening the practice of Qigong is beneficial to improving physical and mental quality, strengthening self-control, adjusting mentality and maintaining good mood. Eat more foods that can nourish the kidney and strengthen the essence, such as oysters, Euryale nuts, chestnuts, pork loins, etc.; try to eat less foods that are too spicy and hot, such as mutton, dog meat, cattle and sheep whip, etc.

2. Eat more animal offal. Animal viscera contains more cholesterol, which is an important formula for the synthesis of sex hormones, which is conducive to improving the level of androgen in the body and improving sexual function. In addition, it also contains adrenaline and sex hormones, which are very helpful for the division and maturation of spermatogonia.

3. Eat more zinc. We all know that zinc is an indispensable trace element in human body, which plays an important role in maintaining the normal structure and function of female reproductive system. Zinc deficiency can affect sexual desire and reduce sexual function. The foods rich in zinc include milk, chicken, egg yolk, shellfish, peanuts, Cereals, beans, etc. in order to improve testosterone, we should ensure a certain amount of zinc intake every day.

4. Eat more arginine. The food rich in arginine can play the role of tonifying kidney and essence, such as eel, catfish, loach, sea cucumber, frozen tofu, Porphyra, etc. To balance testosterone, we might as well eat more of these foods.