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2018 NBA playoff bucks vs Celtic G6 video viewing address at 08:00 on April 27, 2018, Beijing time, the first round of NBA playoffs, the stag (2) vs Celtic (3) G6 live preview and game outlook.

2018 NBA playoff bucks vs Celtic G6 Video: www.cctv

Celtic held home and won Game 5 of the series, leading 3-2 to get the match point. When visiting Milwaukee, the green shirt's main goal is to fight as fast as possible, and they will strive to finish the series away from home. In the fifth game, Celtic team ushered in the return of smart. Although they only got 9 points in 25 minutes, smart played a very important role in defense. He helped the team to keep the shooting percentage of bucks down to 36%, which is the new low in the series so far.

'it means a lot to our team,' Celtic forward Horford said of Smart's comeback, 'I said earlier this year that he is like the soul of our team, the tenacity and selflessness he brought to the team, and his never giving up on the court, all of which generated great energy for us in game 5. 'now the Celtics are on the verge of promotion. They need leaders like smart and Horford to perform better. They want to win away.

Smart has not always been a very good offensive player, his play in the offensive end is not stable. As a guest, smart should strive to find the right star and bring more offensive contribution to the team on the field. Of course, his most important role is in defense. He should bring vitality and energy to the team's defense, and try to limit the Bucks' attack. Celtic team in the last game of the starting adjustment effect is good, hofford may continue to play No. 5 position, he wants to play more aggressive in the offensive end, brown, Morris, Tatum and other people want to keep aggressive to attack the opponent, rosier also need to have a good performance in the attack, so that the team can have a better chance to win.

The Bucks have no way out now. They have the choice to win or go home when they return home. If they can save the match point, they can go to Boston for Game 7. If they can't resist at home, they can only start the summer vacation. Arto Kunbo is the leader of the team. He must show a stronger desire to win on the court. Alphanum must play more aggressively and make greater contributions to both ends of the attack and defense. In the last game, brother Letterman only missed one assists to get three pairs, but he only got 16 points of new low in the series and only 10 shots. In the first four games of the series, alphanum averaged 27.8 points and 17.8 shots. His attack was suppressed, which was one of the reasons why the Bucks lost.

Smart and ojele put more pressure on attokumbo in defense, but in the eyes of alphabet brother, the biggest problem still lies in themselves. 'I'm a little too careful about the timing of the shot and I think it's a great opportunity to shoot. 'the alphabet said,' of course, I'm going to play more aggressively in game six. "With the height and athletic ability of brother alphabet, if he plays more aggressively, the Celtic defence will still bear a lot of pressure.

In addition to the letter brother, the Bucks need Middleton to be able to maintain the feel, to bring fire support to the team in the offensive end. Blaise, Parker, brogton and so on all need to have a good play in the offensive end, so that the team can have a better chance to win. Because the Bucks have no way out, they need to play more urgently on the field, show a stronger desire to win, and show a higher intensity on the field.

This season, the two regular season teams are tied and each side has won a game in Milwaukee. So far, no visiting team has won the series. The last time the two teams met in the playoffs was in 1987, when Celtic beat the Bucks 4-3 to advance. In three Milwaukee games, the Bucks were 2-1.

Expected starting lineup of both sides

Celtic: rocil, brown, Tatum, ojele, Horford

Bucks: brysso, Broughton, Middleton, attokumbo, Zeller