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May 1st Labor Day theme class meeting activity scheme reference

May 1st Labor Day theme class meeting activity scheme reference

Four seas network: May Day is coming soon, there must be many schools will organize students to hold the class may day theme class meeting. How to organize the class meeting with the theme of May 1st Labor Day? The editor has prepared a set of class meeting theme plan for you today. Come and have a look.

May Day theme class meeting

1、 Theme of class meeting: celebrating May Day

2、 Class meeting process

1. Announce the theme class meeting of "celebrating May 1st Labor Day" now!

2. The origin of May Day

Host: May 1st International Labor Day is a festival for working people all over the world. On May 1, 1886, in Chicago, the United States, 200000 workers held a general strike, demanding the implementation of the eight hour work system. This struggle has the support of people all over the world. Later, in order to commemorate this meaningful day, the International Workers' organization designated it as international labor day.

3. Host: the theme team meeting of "the most glorious work" starts now! Please listen to the song "there is a basin of Milan in front of the teacher's window".

4. Compere: our teacher worked all day, and had to do housework when he came home at night. It was really hard. As students, how should we be considerate of teachers?

5. Compere: everybody says very well. If our mother came to attend the class meeting today, what would you say to her!

6. Holder: let's take a look at how the classmate did it in the sketch. Performing sketch "help grandma water flowers"

Compere: everybody reports with warm applause, explain the classmate in the sketch to do very right. We should learn from her and be a labor loving child. Let's see the dance "labor is the most delicious".

7. Students perform the dance "dynamic Doll".

8. Host: who will tell you the story of the laborer you know? Students go on stage to tell stories.

9. Host: labor creates the world, labor creates material wealth, and labor creates a happy life for human beings. Let's see what great people say.

10. (the projector shows famous sayings)

11. Labor is the text of happiness. --Franklin

The best things in the world are created by labor, by the wise hand of man. --Golgi labor creates the world. -- Marx

12. Sing the song "labor is the most glorious", the end of the activity.

3、 Announce the end of the event.