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How many kinds of red and white bean curd do you have

There are many kinds of tofu milk, and many common colors are red milk, green milk, white milk, etc., so what we eat most is white milk and red milk. How is white milk and red milk formed? Let's get to know with Xiaobian.

Function and effect of red bean curd

1. The content of vitamin B group in Sufu is very rich. Regular eating can not only supplement vitamin B12, but also prevent Alzheimer's disease;

2. Sufu is rich in plant protein. After fermentation, the protein breaks down into various amino acids and produces substances such as yeast, so it can increase appetite and help digestion;

3. Sufu also contains calcium, phosphorus and other minerals;

4. Fermented bean curd is easy to be polluted by microorganism. The protein in bean curd will produce sulfur compounds after oxidation and decomposition, and excessive consumption will have adverse effects on human body.

The difference between red bean curd and white bean curd

According to the different processing methods and ingredients, there are some differences in the color, flavor and nutrition of sufu. There is no auxiliary material added to the white bean curd, which is natural. Red bean curd is fermented by adding red koji, white wine, flour koji and protease. Lovastatin contained in red koji is of great significance to reduce blood pressure and blood lipid. Green bean curd, in fact, is stinky bean curd. It is made of bitter water and salty water. It is more thoroughly fermented than other varieties and contains more amino acids and esters. Flower bean curd, generally add pepper, sesame, shrimp seed, sesame oil, ham, cabbage, mushroom and so on, with the most complete nutrients. In addition, some Sufu will have a lot of white dots on it. In fact, it is tyrosine crystal, which can be eaten at ease.

Is white bean curd harmful

1. White bean curd is generally high in salt and purine content. Patients with hypertension, cardiovascular disease, gout, nephropathy and peptic ulcer should eat less or not, so as not to aggravate the disease. In addition, fermented stinky bean curd is easy to be polluted by microorganisms. The protein in bean curd is oxidized and decomposed to produce sulfur compounds. If you eat too much rotten beancurd, it will have a bad effect on the human body and affect your health.

2. Bean products such as white bean curd and honey are both nutritious products, but these two kinds of food cannot be eaten together. Tofu can clear away heat and disperse blood, and turbid Qi in the lower large intestine. Honey is sweet, cool and smooth. It is easy to cause diarrhea. At the same time, honey contains a variety of enzymes, tofu contains a variety of minerals, plant protein and organic acids, which are easy to produce biochemical reactions harmful to human body. Therefore, after eating tofu, it is not suitable to eat honey, and it is not suitable to eat the same.

3. Beans contain inhibitors, saponins and lectins, which are not good for human body.