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CASIO, self timer. Goodbye. CASIO, exit the card machine

What happened when Casio quit the card machine today's selfie phones have a unified name - selfie artifact, but do you know who started the name? Some people may say that Meitu, others think it's oppo and vivo, but in fact, these four words belong to the Japanese camera brand Casio. Casio's tr series used to be the most popular card camera on the market, but due to the strong impact of mobile phones, the 'ancestor' of this self timer artifact had to withdraw from the camera market.

Japan's Casio computer decided to withdraw from the loss making card digital camera business before April 24. The reason seems to be the rapid decrease in the shipment of card digital cameras, and Casio judges that the market will not expand. In the future, we will focus on the production of high value-added camera products.

As for the reason of exit, of course, it is because of the shrinking market. According to the statistics of CIPA Association of Japan, the annual shipment volume of Casio digital cameras was 1.9 million in 2013, while it dropped to 670000 in 2016. The market as a whole is also in a sharp contraction, from 8 million in 2013 to 3.52 million in 2016. As a major competitor, Nikon's digital camera sales have also declined significantly.

After announcing the withdrawal from the consumer camera market, Casio also adjusted its performance forecast for fiscal 2017 (Casio's fiscal year ended in March 2018), with sales expected to fall to 314 billion yen, a total of 36 billion yen, and net profit also reduced by 3 billion yen to 19.5 billion yen. In addition to the digital camera business, Casio has also integrated musical instruments and other departments, integrating key technologies of each department to develop new products.

Finally, it has to be emphasized that according to the previous data, Casio's market share in 2013 is close to 25%, obviously due to the TR series. The digital camera, which initially went on sale for less than 2000 yuan, soared to more than 6000 yuan because of its feminine design and excellent self portrait effect. Even on the follow-up products, Casio also increased the official price and made a lot of money. It's a pity that under the siege of all kinds of selfie phones, even tr series finally failed.