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2018 social recruitment conditions for postdoctoral researchers of China CITIC Bank

1、 Company profile

China CITIC Bank was founded in 1987. Over the past 30 years, China CITIC Bank has developed into an international financial institution with strong comprehensive competitiveness and brand influence by continuously innovating, serving customers attentively and creating outstanding value. At present, China CITIC Bank has more than 1400 business outlets in 142 large and medium-sized cities in China, and more than 40 branches in Hong Kong, Macao, New York, Los Angeles and Singapore, with total assets of more than 5 trillion yuan and more than 50000 employees. With excellent performance, China CITIC Bank won the 2017 "China's best bank" award of the British "banker" magazine, and is the only award-winning bank in China.

The postdoctoral research workstation of China CITIC Bank is a scientific research institution approved by the Ministry of social security of the people's Republic of China. The workstation relies on the bank's business activities, adheres to the scientific research policy of combining theory with practice, and researches and explores the frontier topics in the field of banking and Finance. The station will cooperate with famous domestic research institutions to jointly cultivate 2018 postdoctoral researchers. This station will provide good working and scientific research conditions for postdoctoral researchers, support postdoctoral researchers to develop and innovate, and produce more high-quality academic achievements.

2、 Recruitment conditions

(1) Have obtained doctor's degree at home and abroad, or will obtain doctor's degree soon (certificate issued by doctor training unit, promising to obtain doctor's degree before entering the station), or other post doctoral research flow station (workstation) will leave the station, and the major studied is related to our post doctoral research project;

(2) Generally, they are under 35 years old;

(3) Have a solid theoretical foundation in economics, finance, management, statistics, applied mathematics, computer and other related disciplines and a high level of foreign language, have a strong ability in writing expression, communication and professionalism, and be able to complete the post doctoral research work conscientiously;

(4) Have full-time entry working conditions, fresh graduates and on-the-job staff can;

(5) Excellent character and learning, good health, no bad record.

3、 Main research topics

The research direction of the postdoctoral project to be enrolled in 2018 is as follows:

(1) Research on data application innovation and intelligent service of commercial banks;

(2) Research on the global service strategy of e-banking in commercial banks;

(3) Research on market value management of listed banks;

(4) Made in China 2025 and the development of commercial banks;

(5) Research on the comprehensive risk view of customers based on big data analysis;

(6) Research on investment and risk control of asset securitization products of commercial banks;

(7) Research on the management mode of key customers in commercial banks;

(8) Research on the liquidity cost and application of commercial banks;