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How to cook rice in electric cooker? What to do if the electric cooker is not cooked well

You may have encountered the situation that the rice is mixed with the rice in the electric cooker: clean the rice, plug in the electricity, make the rice, and wait for the delicious rice at ease. As a result, the rice is half cooked. How to cook rice in electric cooker? The following four seas network life channel editor details the solution.

The solution to the problems of the electric cooker cooking

Generally, there are two kinds of failure of some electrical parts: the surface of the switch contact is roughened by the arc, resulting in non-conductive. Fine sand can be used to remove the burr on the contact surface to make the contact surface smooth and flat. If serious corrosion is found, it shall be replaced. If the spring copper strip with contact loses elasticity and cannot make contact, the spring copper strip with contact shall be replaced It is also possible that the loss of excitation of the temperature limiter causes premature action. In this case, press the on-off key to turn on the power supply for water burning test. If it is found that the water cannot be turned on or the on-off key jumps up automatically for several times in a row, the loss of excitation of the temperature limiter can be determined and a new temperature limiter can be replaced. The incorrect assembly angle of the switch connecting rod and the temperature limiter pull rod can also lead to the early action of the temperature limiter or the switch is not closed. The correct installation method is that when the switch is closed, the pull rod should be vertical and there is looseness between the connecting rod and the pull rod. After the inner pot is put down, the two contacts still keep close contact. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether the line is desoldered or not, if so, it shall be welded completely.

The other is improper operation: if the heating switch is not pressed or not pressed in place, the heat preservation indicator light is mistakenly turned on as the main heating line has been connected, especially the electric rice cooker with a single indicator light. At this time, only the heat preservation line is powered on, and the heat preservation temperature is between 60-80 ℃, so the rice is not cooked well. At this time, press the heating key again to cook. If the outer flange of the inner pot is hung on the shell when the inner pot is placed, the inner pot will hang in the air. For this, as long as the inner pot is rotated left and right for several times, it can return to normal. In addition, pay attention to whether the electricity has been cut off when cooking.

The solution to the electric cooker cooking: pay attention to the cleaning method of the electric cooker

When the rice cooker is used for cooking porridge or putting too much rice, the rice soup will overflow to the top cover. If it is not cleaned in time, it will cause peculiar smell in the rice cooker if the time is long. In addition, the vent hole on the electric rice cooker may also be blocked, causing potential safety hazards. Some electric rice cookers are fixed with rubber pads, which can be removed with a light pull; some are fixed with screws, which can be removed and cleaned with water, and then installed after wiping with a rag, and the surface of the vent hole is wiped with a wet rag. Secondly, pay attention to cleaning the bottom of the pot after removing the inner liner. Sometimes rice grains fall into the pot or rice soup overflows to the bottom of the pot, which will cause yellow coking on the bottom of the pot and affect the service life of the electric rice cooker.

In addition, always unplug the power supply when cleaning the rice cooker. Because the sealing degree of the electrical part is not enough, it is not allowed to wash or soak with water, and it is not allowed to drip when wiping with wet cloth. When cleaning the inner tank, soak it in water for a while, and then clean it with sponge or soft cloth. The hard cleaning cloth may damage the non stick coating of the inner tank. After cleaning, connect the power supply to test whether the shell is electrified, so as to ensure the safe use of the rice cooker. Add beauty wechat: 2091525466, you may need her on a lonely night.

By the way: how to save electricity in rice cooker

1. When making rice, it's better to soak the rice in clear water for about 15 minutes, and then put it into the pot, which can greatly shorten the cooking time, and the cooked rice is particularly fragrant.

2. Make full use of the waste heat of the electric heating plate. When the rice soup in the electric rice cooker boils, turn off the power switch for 8 to 10 minutes, make full use of the residual heat of the electric heating plate, and then power on. When the red light and yellow light of the electric rice cooker are off, it means that the rice in the cooker is cooked. At this time, turn off the power switch and use the residual heat of the electric heating plate to keep warm for about 10 minutes.

3. Electric rice cooker shall not be used as electric kettle. The same power electric rice cooker and electric kettle also boil a thermos of boiling water. It only takes 5-6 minutes to use the electric kettle, while the electric rice cooker takes about 20 minutes.

4. Peak avoidance is the best way to save electricity. For electric rice cookers of the same power, when the voltage is lower than 10% of the rated value, the power consumption time shall be extended by about 12%. It is better not to use or use less when the power consumption is at peak.

5. Keep the inner and outer pots clean. If the electric rice cooker is used for a long time but not cleaned in time, a layer of oxide will gather at the bottom of the inner cooker and the outer surface. It should be immersed in water and wiped with a rough cloth until it shows the natural luster of the metal.