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How to set the theme of WeChat horse and mouse Yiyang Qianxi? Wechat cat and mouse theme bubble sett

Tiktok Yiyang Qianxi mobile phone, which has been used in many videos on the shaking, is the theme of WeChat cat and teacher. There are many themes for Yiyang Qianxi. Many people want to know how to set up. This article has brought WeChat cat and mouse theme setting method tutorial to everyone. But this operation is only aimed at HUAWEI mobile phones, and the same method can also set up the theme of easy to seal.

What about the theme of wechat cat and mouse

Recently, many little friends have seen others doing the theme of wechat cat and mouse, which is very popular on the Internet. Many people don't know how to do it. Let's take a look at the detailed setting tutorial:

1. Preparation: Huawei mobile phone, Baidu network disk, MT manager, and Huawei's own theme software.

2. In Huawei's own theme software, find a free theme and download one at will for application. The purpose is to allow Huawei themes to be added in Huawei / themes, which is also a prerequisite for adding bubble themes. After all, the bubble module is based on the theme.

3. Open MT manager, find the baidunetdisk folder in the left column, the directory where the bubble is stored, and the file ends in mm. Find the Huawei / themes folder on the right of MT manager, click the downloaded theme, select the opening method / zip in the pop-up window, and then click on the left tencent. Mm, click add in the pop-up window.

Note: be sure to open the downloaded free theme to view, otherwise click com tencent. Mm has no option to add, only copy, move and other operations.

4. Enter Huawei's own theme software again, click my theme, find the downloaded free theme, and click application. This step can not be saved, which is very critical.

5. After entering the wechat interface, there will be pictures of Tom and Jerry at the bottom of my interface. At the same time, the payment interface also has bubble charts exclusive to cats and mice.

6. There are also bubbles in the add interface and chat interface, especially when sending red envelopes to chat with normal people. You don't need to choose a theme, but also bring your own theme bubbles.

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MT Manager Download & DARR& darr;& darr;: Copy link to browser open download

Baidu online disk download: you can download one in the application market.

Bubble file download:

Cat and mouse wechat bubble download address:

Baidu online disk download address & DARR& darr;& darr;::

Link: Click to enter the extraction code: 3kzh

Lanzou cloud download address & DARR& darr;& darr;:: Click to enter

Cat and mouse wechat login features:

1. Small function optimization, more scientific image layout, more harmonious color and more scientific mark number.

2. The background is also constantly updated, which can start more small-step games, so that everyone can provide all kinds of convenience and fun.

3. The overall operation speed is greatly improved, so everyone has a good feeling of using it.

4. Optimized security and privacy services, which fully ensures the security of all account information here.

What mobile phones with wechat cat and mouse theme can be set

Recently, many people may have searched the setting method of wechat cat and mouse theme. The tutorial will indicate that Huawei mobile phones are available, but many people are not Huawei mobile phones. Can non Huawei mobile phones be set?

The theme of wechat cat and mouse can be used not only by Huawei mobile phones, but also by other mobile phones. It seems that wechat cat and teachers can use mobile phones, as well as Xiaomi, which can not be used by apple and other brands.

If you are a Xiaomi mobile phone, you can try to find it in the theme market. There should be some. If you can't find it, you can directly search the theme bubbles of cat and mouse on the Internet, download the software and use it again. The method of directly downloading the software is applicable to all mobile phones. You can try it.