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Kanye's failure to pass the candidate examination and run for president of the United States has bec

Kanye's failure to pass the candidate examination and run for president of the United States has become a joke

According to foreign media reports, the king of rap Kanye & middot; Kanye West failed to pass the qualification examination of Ohio's presidential candidate, so he took the state's top electoral officer to court.

Since he announced his participation in the general election in early July, Kan has been conducting unconventional election activities to prepare for the presidential election in November. So far, he has only successfully won the votes of eight states.

Frank middot, the Republican Secretary General of Ohio; Frank LaRose rejected nearly 15000 signed petitions and other election documents submitted by West on the grounds of mismatched document information, so Kan filed a lawsuit against LaRose on Wednesday, August 26, on the grounds that the other party was doing its best to prevent him from participating in the presidential election. Kanye's campaign lawyer claimed that laros was obliged to accept any petition about an independent candidate as long as there was no protest against it and did not violate state laws.

Ohio has always been a battleground state in the traditional sense of the US election, but trump easily defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election in Ohio & middot; Hillary Clinton.

Kanye has missed votes in many key states, including his hometown of Illinois and his second hometown of Wyoming, and Wisconsin. In California, Florida and Pennsylvania, he either missed the deadline for submission or was rejected. But Kanye's name will appear on the ballots in Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah and Vermont.

Before announcing his candidacy last month, Kanye & middot; West has always been the current president of the United States Donald & middot; A staunch supporter of Donald Trump. Trump's Republican trader is accused of helping Kan sneak into the election in order to attract young black voters to leave his Democratic rival, former Vice President Joe middot; Joe Biden did not deny this speculation.

Kanye's campaign was like a farce from the beginning. He closed his mouth at the public opening and exposed his family's ugliness, forcing his wife Kim & middot; Kim Kardashian had to come forward to win sympathy from the public on the grounds of his bipolar disorder.