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What's the best gun for the peace elite? The best strategy for the peace elite the competitive survival game "survival of the Jedi" is popular with many players. The mobile game and the peace elite let more friends taste the fun of eating chicken. For many new players, in the face of many weapons, you don't know which one to choose? Let's take a look at what games peace elites play, OK?

First of all, peace elites allow players to carry two weapons. It is recommended that players carry a rifle as the main weapon, while the auxiliary weapons are shotguns, sniper guns and submachine guns to deal with special situations. Rifles are suitable for all kinds of situations and distances, so it is the best to use rifles as the main weapon. If you can't find the right rifle to be the main weapon for the time being, you can use ump9 instead or the expanded vector. Auxiliary weapons are generally used to deal with guns used in special situations. Shotguns and submachine guns have advantages in close combat, while sniper guns are used to kill targets in the middle and far distance. So in double platoon, my auxiliary weapon is usually a sniper gun, and my teammate's auxiliary weapon is usually a shotgun. In order to face long-distance and face-to-face targets, I have my own division of labor.

What weapons are good?

It doesn't say that a certain weapon can eat chicken when it's got it. A reasonable weapon combination is just to improve the probability of eating chicken. So don't believe in XXX weapon thief Qiang told you by a certain weapon. If you take it, you will kill all sides and eat chicken directly. It's the best for you to use.

Weapon recommendation for novice: (do not consider airdrop first)

Rifle: m416 & gt; scar & gt; AKM & asymp; m16a4

Reason: M4 should be the strongest rifle among the peace elites. Some people say that groza will hurt more than M4, but there are too many accidents such as airdrop. I don't know whether to pick it up or not. In contrast, M4 painted in the whole picture is easy to get. The M4 can be equipped with the most accessories, such as muzzle, grip and spring clip. Every time an accessory is added, the properties of M4 will be improved. The full M4's recoil and firing speed are the best of the rifles. The so-called "full match gold does not change", a full match M4, is your most reliable partner in the peace elite. Scar needs fewer accessories, and can improve a lot with one grip, but its shooting speed is slower than M4. I choose scar when I don't have a tactical butt. M16 does not have full-automatic mode. It is still very strong when used to continuous mode. AKM has high damage but large recoil.

Sniper gun: 98K, sks, mini14

Sniper gun: 98K, sks, mini14 & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203);

Reason: 98K can blow off the first and second level heads with one shot, which can reduce the number of people on the opposite side in an instant. It has a great advantage when dealing with guns. When I don't have the third level head, I will avoid dealing with 98K.

Sks damage is very high, and it's even a sniper. One shot is not dead, and another shot is made up. It can provide long-distance fire suppression. It can hit the opposite side and can't lift your head. Full equipped with sks, its performance is very terrible. Recommended accessories: vertical grip, compensator (single row muffler), rapid expansion, and cheek plate.

Mini14 is a 5.56mm serial sniper, with 20 rounds of 5.56mm bullets in one magazine. It has high fault tolerance and requires few accessories. It's good for beginners to hit long-range targets.

Shotgun: s12k & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203);

S12k is the most special one among the three shotguns. Although it's a shotgun, it can be equipped with rifle accessories, even including a sight. Although it has no soft use, the core accessory is a quick expansion cartridge clip. After the expansion, 8 rounds of bullets can be fired. If you use this gun well, you can kill the team. For the muzzle requirements are not big, it is recommended to install the muzzle on the rifle first.

Submachine gun: ump9 & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203) & (8203);

Ump9 is commonly known as Chewang. It has three shooting modes. Under the full-automatic mode, it has fast shooting speed and strong stability, and is easy to control. It is very suitable for medium and short distance combat. After aiming at the target, simply pour water over it (water sprinkling means strafing), and you will find that the enemy will soon fall under your 'outburst'. It's a very suitable submachine gun for beginners. If you haven't played shooting games or are not familiar with chicken eating, it's recommended to start the gun. There are many accessories that can be added, which is very suitable for novices to learn about accessories. Of course, the damage may be a little insufficient after playing, because most of the people in the final circle are level-2, Level-A and level-2, and the players with good character have level-3, Level-A and level-3, and the UMP is still a little weak in the face of these enemies.

General personal weapon matching is: m416 / scar / AKM + 98K / sks, and the individual has always been the role of commander + sniper in the fixed team.

I have a teammate who likes to play close combat. He usually is: m416 / scar / AKM / m16a4 / ump9 + s12k / s686

Another non mainstream teammate likes to take two rifles: m416 / scar / AKM / m16a4 with double mirror + m416 / AKM / m16a4 with high mirror

These collocations are OK, as long as you play well, it's OK.

In addition, the pan must be picked up!!!!!