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The best novel of Tang family if we want to say which novel is the best one, it's hard to say one, two, three, four. Because in the novels of tangjiasanshao, the structure of people, world outlook and plot are basically similar. Under such a high degree of coincidence, it's very difficult to judge which novel is the best one. Then we can only follow the good principle that the people like, about the number of hits The tall one is pretty. Xiaobian recommends three good-looking ones for you.

Continent of

Tang jiasanshao revealed in 2015 that Douluo mainland will be made into a four part movie by Hollywood. It's hard to tell whether it's true or not. However, I believe that Tang jiasanshao should not be shooting without a purpose. It's a bit hard to say that. Douluo continent is one of the most famous works of Tang family, and also the most popular novel of Tang family. Douluo mainland has been adapted into comics as early as a few years ago. At present, the animation of Douluo mainland produced by Tencent animation is also about to be broadcasted. Don't miss those little friends who like Douluo mainland~


The biggest impression that Dionysus gave Xiaobian was that it was the most popular novel in the Tang family. The protagonist of Dionysus is a well-known passer-by. After his death, his soul crosses into a different world. The reason for his death is that he is drunk after tasting the unearthed Han Dynasty wine. So, in the different world, the protagonist begins his life with his invincible mixing skills. At the beginning, he tames the flame queen of the underground world and goes to the road of the strong.

Douluo continent II peerless Tang clan

Although the unique Tang clan of Douluo continent II is still in the series, it has shown great strength. The unique Tangmen of Douluo continent II has become the work with the largest number of characters among the three families in the Tang Dynasty. At present, the number of characters of the unique Tangmen of Douluo continent II has reached 5.0711 million, and as the unfinished work, the total number of clicks has reached 30.5067 million times, ranking the third in all novels of the three families in the Tang Dynasty, next only to Douluo continent and Dionysus. The background of the peerless Tangmen of Douluo continent II is set ten thousand years after Douluo continent. At this time, Tangmen has declined in Douluo continent. The main task of the protagonist is to revive the prestige of Tangmen. Well, come on, protagonist, anyway, you are sure to succeed!