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Schedule of 2018 Barcelona open

The ATP World Tour 500 with a total bonus of 2510900 euros, sabadel bank Barcelona open, announced the signing table. Nadal, the world's first and tenth champion, was in the lead. In the third round, he met 14 seed jinzhigui, and the top 8 seed Djokovic. In addition, 4 seed Goffin, 9 seed Zheng Kai and others were also in this half area. The second and third seeded Dimi are in the second half of the District, and Rublev, Schwarzman, vodasco and others will also fight.

Top half signature:

First round second round third round 1 / 4 final semi-final (1) Nadal (Spain) Nadal round air Maurier (Austria) Baena (Spain) Ga Lopez (Spain) 7-6 (5) / 7-6 (5) sugda Youyi (Japan) round air jinzhigui (14) jinzhigui (Japan) (12) fi Lopez (Spain) fi Lopez round air Pedro Martinez (Spain) 6-4 / 6-7 (5) / 6-3 layovich (Serbia) Kerry Zan (Slovakia), delbonis (Argentina), Djokovic (6), Djokovic (Serbia) (4), goven (Belgium), goven, kukushkin (Kazakhstan), 6-2 / 6-2 granoles (Spain), l-meyer (Argentina), 6-3.6-0 Misha zvilev (Germany), Kachanov (16), Kachanov (Russia) (9), Zheng 泫 (South Korea), Zheng 泫泫泫泫泫泫泫泫, frategro (United States), vatu Ding (Russia) Robredo (Spain) 6-7 (5) / 7-6 (8) / 6-4 Karlovic (Croatia) lunkong agut (8) agut (Spain)