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Why is the fourth season not on time

Last Sunday (22), the original fourth season of "extreme challenge" was delayed. What's the reason? Will it be broadcast in the fourth season? Let's have a look together.

Originally scheduled to air on the evening of April 22, the fourth season of extreme challenge was postponed, and it became the first episode of the third season. Some netizens said that the delay was due to no review. Extreme challenge 4's postponement caused a heated discussion among netizens. Luo Zhixiang's girlfriend Zhou Yangqing also asked if it would be broadcast tonight, but the director only replied "thank you, thank you pig" without a positive response. Some netizens said that because the approval of the fourth season of "extreme challenge" had not been delayed, Zhou Yangqing also replied: "yes, I asked yesterday that the approval may not have been, I don't believe it, I think there will be a miracle today. '

Zhou Yangqing also discussed with netizens in the comments the reason why the program could not be broadcast as scheduled. Yesterday, piggy told Zhou Yangqing that the program might not have been approved. As for the reason of not having been tried, Zhou Yangqing said that because the program is so popular, there are so many people who can only understand it. After all, there are so many fans in "extreme challenge" since its third episode.

When will extreme challenge 4 start

At present, the specific broadcast time is not clear. The original "extreme challenge 4" is about to start broadcasting. Many fans don't know that it can't be broadcast as scheduled due to no review. I'm afraid many stars don't know how to delay broadcasting.