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Excellent Chinese impressions selected model articles (3 articles)

After its release, the film "fierce, our country" won praise from all walks of life. It not only increased our sense of national pride and honor, but also saw that under the leadership of the party, China's national strength was extremely strong. Here are a few movies for you to watch and learn.

Chapter 1: my country: 800 words of happiness

I love Chinese red! Today, I went to see the movie "fierce, our country". Before I watched the movie, I saw the bright red ribbon in the poster brushing the landmarks all over China. It was a bright red. It was the Chinese red that worked hard, the Chinese red that worked hard, and the Chinese red that was full of hope. After watching the whole movie, I was very excited. Zhenhua 30 ', "blue whale 2" and "Tiangong 2" and other major heavy weapons show their true appearance. These precious images are the true reflection of the fruitful achievements in the field of scientific research in China. China bridge, China Road, China car, China port and China net, in just 90 minutes, have made great achievements in China. The spectacular scenes are magnificent, gathering Chinese strength, showing the demeanor of a great country, and again and again Once ignited my pride as a Chinese. It's sad to say that the former patriotism, confined to reality, lies largely in the history of "eating the old book" and cherishes the four great inventions, Tang Zong and Song Zu, or the "rejuvenating China" boxing and serving the country inspired by the reality gap with developed countries. But now patriotism, like patriotism, is also "rejuvenating China", but the meaning is not the same. It's proud of today created by countless people. It's the hope that the motherland will have its own efforts in a more brilliant tomorrow. It's the entrepreneurial passion of leaping and catching up.

From the dream project, innovation driven, coordinated development to green China, sharing a well-off society and opening up China, there are super projects, senior engineers, ordinary people and ordinary things. The most moving thing is that ordinary people who have appeared one after another, use their personal experience to talk about their life and gather into a sense of gain, happiness and security that can be seen and felt A sense of pride.

What impresses me most is the "innovation driven" talk about China's scientific and technological strength, from mobile payment to bike sharing, from "made in China 2025" to new technologies such as Internet of things and big data, from aerospace, marine engineering to cutting-edge fields such as chips, and then to participate in big science programs. In these five years, China's innovation power is inexhaustible and innovative talents are constantly emerging. This kind of innovation is proud and amazing! While others are still proud of the 30 minute phone bill, we have gone out without our wallets and can travel around the world on our mobile phones alone.

'the people's yearning for a better life is our goal. "The prosperity and national rejuvenation of the country should ultimately be reflected in the happiness of millions of families and the continuous improvement of the lives of hundreds of millions of people. From the living conditions of poverty alleviation workers at the grassroots level to the three generations of Bashang people who built the largest artificial forest in the world, to the health administrators who do a good job in household work and the powerful teachers who protect the country, our country has penetrated the main line of people's livelihood and polished the happiness of Chinese children and women.

Each era has its own theme, and each generation has its own mission. 'good country, good nation, good people. 'looking back on these five years, it has been an extraordinary five years in the development process of the party and the state, a five-year period in which more than 1.3 billion Chinese people have a growing sense of gain and happiness, and a five-year period in which China's development and the world have benefited. Through the narration on the screen, it arouses the inner self-confidence of every Chinese and feels the inner pride and pride of being a Chinese. The country is the biggest 'dream workshop' for individuals and families. Only 'our country is strong' can 'my family be happy'.

Chapter two: powerful, my country! Great, China's high-speed rail! 500 characters

After the movie "awesome, China" was staged in the cinema, it aroused strong resonance among all of us. In this 90 minute period, the important achievements of China's railway appeared frequently. The introduction to the development of Fuxing was about 4 minutes' screen swiping, accompanied by powerful music. The scene was very impressive. "Fuxing" one scene after another in the vast land of the motherland, the wheels of China's high-speed rail quickly rolled out a new picture of China. The amazing appearance of "Fuxing" made my heart vibrate, and I want to shout: "awesome, our high-speed railway in China". Among the 245 important indicators of Fuxing, China's standard accounts for 84%, which has become a new symbol of China's new era and a bright business card of China. So far, the running mileage of Chinese cars has exceeded 20000 kilometers, far surpassing the sum of other countries in the world, which can never be separated from China's high-speed rail manufacturing technology. Now China's high-speed rail has been standing steadily in the world The top of the world is no less than any competitor. Science is the primary productivity. The rapid development of China's high-speed rail has brought us tangible benefits. Wujiu high-speed railway makes the expected 6-hour high-speed railway to Beijing a reality; Xicheng high-speed railway makes the 'Shu Road difficult! It's hard to reach the sky! 'it's no longer difficult; Lanxin high-speed railway, with a panoramic view of snow mountains and grasslands, sets off the magnificent western style; Tianjin Beijing high-speed railway, with a 30 minute City surround; Beijing Guangzhou high-speed railway, even with a fast four seasons change experience on the high-speed railway...... The wheel of China's high-speed rail has rolled out a new picture of China, and also turned out a bright future of China's high-speed rail.

Made in China, never-ending, China's high-speed rail will always be on the way. It is this spirit of perseverance and excellence that makes every step of China's high-speed rail progress and gives Mercedes Benz its "Renaissance" in the motherland. Every perfect transformation of China's high-speed rail is inseparable from the Chinese Railway people who have the courage to work hard and to innovate and have full confidence in the future of China's high-speed rail. When the speed of China's independent innovation is constantly refreshed and displayed in front of the world's people, the innovation confidence of the Chinese people has been 'ignited' again and again. I'm proud of my motherland, and I'm proud of China's high-speed rail, which is making great strides forward. Great, my country! Great, China's high-speed rail!

Chapter 3: the impression of "great, my country": win in feelings 400 words

The documentary film "fierce, our country" has no sensationalism, no commercial noise, but it is very popular with the audience. On the first day of its release on March 2, it won the first day box office title of Chinese documentary film, which is worth congratulating. Some people think this is an unexpected result. Documentary films are usually not regarded as good, and how can this serious documentary film resist? What do we see behind the success of "fierce, my country"? One is patriotism. Everyone loves their motherland. The motherland is our "everyone". Only when everyone prospers, can we have a happy "small family" life. Every small change and progress of the motherland is related to each and every one of us. It is because of the patriotic feelings that the box office of "fierce, my country" is very strong. What we see is not only a documentary film, but also a strong patriotic sentiment. We pay attention to every small progress of the motherland, and we are proud of her, proud of her, and praised her! The prosperity of "small family" is closely related to the prosperity of "everyone". A large number of viewers went to the Internet platform to leave messages after watching the movie, praising the charming documentary film and the happy life they really felt. From the words of netizens, we can fully feel the beautiful feelings of home, home is country, country is home.

The second is literary feelings. There is a very clear purpose to make money in the creation of scripts and films. Making money is an unavoidable thing in the business age. However, making money should not be the only pursuit of literary and artistic creation, and social responsibility should not be lost in order to make money. "Fierce, our country" for the first time shows China's style in a panoramic way on a large screen. From the perspective of aerial photography, the magnificent mountains and rivers of the motherland, the brilliant achievements of the builders themselves, and the people's livelihood, all of which are accessible and vivid, make every audience deeply touched. With such a literary and artistic sentiment, we can see the popularity of "fierce, my country". Literary and art creation, not only want to make money, but also stick to the bottom line, only excellent works can really move people.