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44 people are banned for life what behaviors will be banned for life Recently, the traffic police in Shenyang revealed that 44 people in the city have been banned from driving for life. This life has nothing to do with driving. Some of these 44 people have caused major traffic accidents, some have drunk driving, and what other behaviors will be banned for life? Let's have a look with Xiaobian!

This June is the 16th "safety production month" in China, with the theme of "fully implementing the main responsibility of enterprise safety production". In order to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents and alert the majority of drivers, the Shenyang public security traffic police exposed the list of 44 drivers who were banned for life.

Since January 2017, a total of 44 drivers in Shenyang have been banned from driving for life due to serious traffic accidents caused by traffic accidents and escaping and drunk driving.

Lifetime ban on driving means that 'you can't get a new driving license and drive a motor vehicle all your life'.

Among these 44 people, 11 are aged 20-30, 16 are aged 30-40, 11 are aged 40-50, 6 are over 50, and the maximum age is 55. It can be seen that the age group from 30 to 40 accounts for the largest proportion. There are seven drivers of the 'post-90s'. Today, the automobile era has come in an all-round way, they bid farewell to the steering wheel early, and the impact on life can be seen.

Of the 44 people, 39 were guilty of escaping due to traffic accidents, and 5 were responsible for major traffic accidents caused by drunk driving of motor vehicles.

At the same time, Shenyang public security traffic police also released the list of four road transport enterprises whose main responsibilities were not implemented.

What will be banned for life

By analyzing the information of "life-long driving ban" in various provinces, it can be seen that the majority of post-80s and post-90s male drivers are mostly drivers with driving age of 1-4 years. According to the Ministry of public security, the age of life-long drivers is on the trend of youth development, which shows that young people's traffic safety awareness is shallow, and there are many deficiencies in driving training and safety publicity and education in driving schools.

So, what are the circumstances under which a 'life-long ban on driving' can be imposed?

1. Drink driving, drunk driving or poison driving, which causes major traffic accidents and constitutes a crime.

2. Driving a motor vehicle causes a major traffic accident, which has constituted a crime and the driver escapes.

In both cases of appeal, the punishment of "life-long driving ban" can be imposed. In particular, some people's careers cannot be separated from motor vehicles. If they are banned from driving for life, even life becomes a problem. Therefore, for the safety of yourself and others, never drive drunk, drunk, poisoned or escape after a traffic accident, otherwise the punishment will be more serious.

Of course, the driver has the right to apply for administrative reconsideration if he refuses to accept the punishment of "life-long driving ban". However, if there are illegal behaviors such as drunk driving, drunk driving, drug driving and escape, the success rate of administrative reconsideration is also very low, so car owners should not take personal risks.