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Why didn't Lu Han dare to fly? What are the ways to overcome acrophobia?

Lu Han's acrophobia in the entertainment circle is a well-known thing. Maybe it's because of the huge work pressure that leads to a sense of exclusion from flying. Can this acrophobia be overcome? What are the ways to overcome it?

In fact, Lu Han has been suffering from a serious fear of heights. Previously, he said: "I have never been on a roller coaster (roller coaster) before. I feel nervous when I take an elevator, let alone a plane. "However, in order to meet the work demand, he would still take a flight when he had to take a plane. Previously, when he was in the South Korean regiment exo, he used to be patient with flying for 1 or 2 hours. However, if he flew frequently or for a long time, he would have an unbearable psychological pressure. Therefore, this time, he took a 10 hour flight to the Czech Republic with his teeth clenched, which really caused many fans' heartache and admiration.

However, it is reported that it is true that Lu Han has serious acrophobia, and he will not choose to fly unless necessary. However, this acrophobia doesn't mean that Lu Han can't fly.

One of the reasons why Lu Han quit the exo combination was that his body couldn't bear it. The high intensity of work and frequent flying make Lu Han under great psychological pressure, so she is not in good health. Even Lu Han once claimed in the program that he was afraid every time he took a plane, so he would not take it if he didn't take a plane! Lu Han usually chose high-speed rail when he went out, and even was nicknamed "Little Prince of high-speed rail" by netizens. (this article is exclusively arranged by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

Ways to overcome acrophobia

1. Exercise can reduce symptoms

If we want to overcome acrophobia, we can reduce the symptoms through exercise. If we sit still all day and stare at the computer and other objects, the balance function of the human body will decline, so we may as well reduce the symptoms through exercise, such as single wood bridge, somersault, jump and so on.

2. Systemic desensitization therapy

If you want to overcome acrophobia, you can use systematic desensitization to carry out self-treatment, for example, to eliminate the conditional connection between terrorist stimulus and terrorist response, so as to fight, and constantly overcome psychological acrophobia obstacles. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

3. Exposure therapy

If you want to overcome acrophobia, you can use exposure therapy, also known as full perfusion therapy, which is a direct and rapid behavior therapy, that is, to make patients directly contact with the situation that causes fear and anxiety, and encourage patients not to be afraid, continue to look at acrophobia, and gradually acrophobia will be cured.

4. Impact method

If you want to overcome acrophobia, you can use shock therapy, which is also a more effective method. Let the patients imagine that they are at a considerable height, and the height is still rising. Through imagination, you can cause strong anxiety and fear, and you have to hold on to it. After a long time of shock therapy, acrophobia will disappear at last.

5. Standing at a high place for field exercise

If you want to overcome acrophobia, you can stand at a high place for field exercise, because you can't always talk about it on paper, and you have to exercise what you are afraid of. Therefore, the most effective way is to really practice at a high place, and also to ensure a long enough time.