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Liaoning men's basketball team won MVP with Hudson in CBA finals

23 years of waiting! Today's dream! When the final whistle of the fourth round of the CBA finals was sounded last night, when Li Xiaoxu threw the ball high in the air and roared, the Liaoning stadium was boiling! The song of true heroes filled the stadium, and the soldiers of Liaoning basketball shed tears of joy. At this moment, they became the pride of the whole Liaoning people.

100-88! Liaoning men's basketball team won the most important victory so far. At the moment of victory, the liaolan soldiers could no longer hide their joy. Guo Allen cried, Yang Ming cried, Zhao Jiwei cried, Han Dejun cried, Li Xiaoxu cried & hellip; & hellip; they waited too long and experienced too much. Guo Shiqiang, the head coach, seemed surprisingly calm this time. Instead of embracing everyone when he won the National Games for the first time last year, he watched the hugged players laughing and clapping in silence. Liaoning basketball players gathered and threw MVP Hudson high into the air. Indeed, the foreign aid experienced the downturn at the beginning of the season, but he played better and better in the playoffs, and fulfilled his promise to Liaoning team in one fell swoop, realizing the dream of the championship.