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2018 the most popular songs list

2018 the most popular songs list

Four seas network: this year's app short blaze video, the loud and loud sounds attract lots of users by relying on fresh and interesting short videos. The flare also brings fire to a large number of network songs. You may not know the names of these songs, but the melody reminds you that they will feel very familiar. Let's look at the list of 2018 pop songs.

2018 the most vibrant song ranking

1. Wait a minute

2, Panama

3, 80000

4. We're different

5, seve

6, short hair

7, gentlemen

8、one on one


10, worry

11、undress rehearse

12, the end

13. Nine piece machine

14、stay with me

15. Light seekers

16. Take you on a trip

17. Drunk Red Cliff

18、share of you

19. Trigonometry

20. No more people like you

21、heart beat

22. The most beautiful couple

23. When I look at you

24, victory

25. All living things

26. Go far

27, time

28. Never again

29. It's all you

30、toca toca

31. Who lives in youth

32. Wandering small sellers

33, we

34, fly

35, baby

36. Can't learn

37, samsara

38. Spring breeze

39. Ascetic monk

40, father

41. What I love in my life

42. Brave love

43. You are so beautiful

44, ambiguous